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General Program Information

St. Richard Green STEM Academy

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 Science, Technology, Engineering Mathematics
Instilling Care for God's Creation & a Lifelong Love of Science

STEM is engaging, experiential, meaningful and fun!  

It provides a student-centered learning environment. Students engage in…

  • questioning,
  • critical thinking,
  • collaboration,
  • hands-on activities,
  • using the problem-solving and design processes.

STEM focuses on real-life issues and problems!
Students …

  • answer complex questions,
  • investigate global issues,
  • develop solutions for challenges and real world problems
  • apply the rigor of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics content into real life situations.

STEM students are …

  • logical thinkers,
  • effective communicators,
  • scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians

                     Students are global leaders & environmental stewards caring for God's creation!


St. Richard offers a variety of supportive programs:

  • Catholic Faith is permeated throughout the curriculum; student centered school - wide Liturgical Celebrations and strong school-parish relationship with St. Theresa Church
  • Kindergarten to grade 6 classes
  • Musical Program – Orff instruments 1-6, recorder program gr. 4-6, ukulele gr. 5-6, school-wide musical productions bi-annually
  • Grey Nuns Hospital Art Project
  • Social Justice Projects
  • Core French Language Program for gr. 4-6
  • Strong Literacy Focus
  • Students have access to iPads and Chromebooks 40
  • Classrooms are equipped with Smartboards and document cameras


  • Student Leadership (Wonder Club)
  • Green Club
  • Nike Club
  • Running Club
  • Wonder Club
  • Coding Club




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