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General Information

St. Richard Green STEM Focus school is a relatively small, family-oriented school with a caring and inclusive environment that provides a strong academic program for students in kindergarten through to Grade Six. 

We are a Green STEM focus school where we bring 21st century learning alive. Our highly motivated and dedicated staff are committed to nurturing the personal and academic growth of each student - growing and learning to his or her potential. 

St. Richard is a Christ-centered learning community fostering leadership and service to others. We have a strong partnership with our parish and parents, who take an active role in nurturing our students within a Catholic faith-based environment.


Student Voices:

This is what students were saying... and we listened!

 We want to do work that makes a difference to me and to my world.

 We don’t want to remember, recall and regurgitate.

 We don’t want to learn for the sake of tests. We don’t want learning made easy; rather, we want learning to mean something. We want to learn with the media of our times.

 We want to do work that is relevant, meaningful and authentic.

 We want to be engaged intellectually.

 We want stronger relationships with our teachers, with each other and with our communities locally, provincially, nationally and globally.

 We want teachers to know how we learn, to take into account what we understand and misunderstand so that we can use this knowledge as a starting    place to guide our continued learning.

 We want to be able to work with others in the classroom, online and in our community.

 We want to be able to pick up our information anywhere, anytime and anyplace.

 We want in-depth learning.

 We need feedback in time to help us learn and in time do something about it.

Excerpt from “21st Century Learning and Learners” by Galileo Educational Network,

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