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Catholic Faith

St. Lucy - the Patron Saint of our School 

St. Lucy was born in Sicily around the year 300. She was the daughter of noble, wealthy parents and was raised a Christian. Being a Christian during this time was illegal and therefore very dangerous.

When Lucy was very young, she decided to dedicate her life to Jesus. She also decided not to marry or have children. This was highly unusual, for at this time in history, it was expected that girls would marry and raise families.

A young nobleman wanted to marry Lucy, and when she refused, because she wanted to dedicate her life to Christ, he became very angry. He accused her of being Christian and had her thrown into prison. During her time in prison, where she eventually died, she was cruelly tortured and even blinded.

St. Lucy was one of the most popular saints of the Middle Ages and is the patron saint of many groups, including glaziers, notaries, peddlers, saddlers, serving girls, scribes, tailors, and weavers. People pray to St. Lucy to ask for her help against blindness, eye diseases, fire, infection, hemorrhage, and sore throat. She was patron to protect against diseases of the eyes because her name means “light.”

St. Lucy’s feast day is celebrated on December 13.


Religious Education Programs at St. Lucy

All students at St. Lucy School participate in religious education classes. These provide opportunities to learn about our Catholic faith and the values we hold as followers of Jesus. In support of our religious education programs is the resource 'Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ'.

St. Charles Parish

We are proud to be part of the St. Charles Parish family of schools! Our students and staff benefit from the collaboration between the parish and the other schools in this family. Take a virtual visit into the parish and meet Fr. Marc through this link.

Please use this link to the St. Charles Parish website to find information on the following:

- Sacraments (Confirmation, First Reconciliation & First Communion)

- staff contact information

- Mass times and parish news

- Groups and Ministries

“Open the door, share the journey, together we grow in community.”

Additional Information:

Catholic Education Confronting Fiction with Facts.pdf

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