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Online School Tools

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Online School Tools
At St. Lucy School we have a number of online tools and resources, including Online Fee Payments, Bookings for Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences and ordering for our Hot Lunch program that are designed to make communication with the school convenient and easy.
In order to make online payments, parents must have their own PowerSchool account.  Please contact the school for more information on creating an account.
Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences
Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences are held in November and Student-Led Conferences in March. Parents are asked to use the online site to book times with teachers for Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences. A code to login will be made available approximately 2 weeks prior to conferencing.

Hot Lunch Program 
St. Lucy School will be using Healthy Hunger as our hot lunch organizing service. To create an online account and to view an informative video about the service, please visit the Healthy Hunger website.
Parents who have created an account will receive a notice each time a lunch date is added. Healthy Hunger allows a great deal of flexibility for parents in terms of ordering and paying for meals, since it gives parents the ability to change or delete orders up to five days before the lunch date. Parents are also able to order for children in different schools from the same account, as long as both schools use the Healthy Hunger service. Payments for hot lunches through Healthy Hunger are made online only. The school does not collect money for lunches. 
Parents who do not have access to a computer may use the one in our school office that is set aside for parent use. Please feel free to drop by at any time during office hours.
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