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School Information

"Growing with God"

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Welcome to St. Lucy Catholic Elementary School.  The staff of St. Lucy Catholic Elementary School warmly welcomes you to another rich year of learning.  As part of Edmonton Catholic Schools, we are a Christ centered school site located in northwest Castledowns providing quality education since 1980.

As a staff, our goal at St. Lucy School is to provide a Catholic educational environment in which your child can grow and develop to his or her fullest potential.  This can be achieved and enhanced by home, school and parish working together in a collaborative partnership. Within our Catholic context, we can prepare children for the future, for the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and for daily life in our rapidly changing society. 

We are committed to providing a safe, caring healthy, and inclusive community where the pursuit of student well being, academic excellence and life long learning and spiritual growth is fostered within each person as we "Grow with God."  It is with this thought that we at St. Lucy School hope that our students' memories of their time with us will be growth filled, positive and memorable.  

The measure of our success as a school, is if our students make a strong commitment to school work, take a Christian approach in dealings with their peers, participate in the vibrant life of the school, then we as staff and parents have succeeded; succeeded jointly in producing an individual of strong character who will be a positive contributor and a leader in tomorrow’s society.

We are glad you chose St. Lucy Catholic School and we look forward to working with you.

Best wishes for a successful year!
Ms. Phebe Switzer                         Mrs. Shelley Bell
Principal                                         Assistant Principal

Our Mission

St. Lucy School Where We Celebrate Children
At St. Lucy School, we are committed to providing a safe, positive learning environment where each person has the opportunity to grow academically, spiritually, socially, physically and emotionally.


We believe that we grow:

  • ACADEMICALLY to our potential by participating in a variety of learning environments.
  • SPIRITUALLY by witnessing and modeling our Catholic beliefs and values.
  • SOCIALLY by recognizing and respecting the needs of the individual as well as the school community as a whole.
  • PHYSICALLY by respecting our responsibility in caring for the health and well being of others and ourselves.
  • EMOTIONALLY by understanding our feelings and using them responsibly to build relationships with God, self, and others.

Edmonton Catholic Schools Mission Statement

The mission of Edmonton Catholic Schools is to provide a Catholic education, which inspires and prepares students to learn, to work, to live fully, and to serve God in one another.


Our Namesake

St. Lucy was born in Sicily around the year 300. She was the daughter of noble, wealthy parents and was raised a Christian. Being a Christian during this time was illegal and therefore very dangerous.

When Lucy was very young, she decided to dedicate her life to Jesus. She also decided not to marry or have children. This was highly unusual, for at this time in history, it was expected that girls would marry and raise families.

A young nobleman wanted to marry Lucy, and when she refused, because she wanted to dedicate her life to Christ, he became very angry. He accused her of being Christian and had her thrown into prison. During her time in prison, where she eventually died, she was cruelly tortured and even blinded.

St. Lucy was one of the most popular saints of the Middle Ages and is the patron saint of many groups, including glaziers, notaries, peddlers, saddlers, serving girls, scribes, tailors, and weavers. People pray to St. Lucy to ask for her help against blindness, eye diseases, fire, infection, hemorrhage, and sore throat. She was patron to protect against diseases of the eyes because her name means “light.”
St. Lucy’s feast day is celebrated on December 13.


Key Features

  • Balanced Catholic educational program to meet the needs of the "whole" child
  • Dynamic parent community
  • Wide selection of extracurricular activities
  • Before/After school care program
  • Strong technology based learning
  • Character-building Core Values Program for Students


  • Professional Learning Community Model
  • Strong Inclusive Education Team
  • Educational Assistants
  • Up to date technology - networked classroom Chromebook and Lenovo laptops, conference lab with projector, digital app supports, iPads
  • FM systems in classrooms
  • Current learning resources in all subject areas
  • Close collaboration and cooperation with St. Charles Parish Family Team
  • Strong collaboration with neighbouring Catholic elementary schools
  • Strong and supportive School Council
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