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School Council

  • is a body that is advisory to the principal of the school and to the Board of Trustees respecting any matter relating to the school;
  • provides the opportunity for individuals to become involved in specific issues that directly affect a particular school or the District, and
  • results in parent participation which in turn develops in a wide exposure to District business that can be mutually beneficial to the Board, the school, and the community.

School Council representative meetings are convened by the Board or senior administrators to disseminate information or gather community views on particular matters. Many potentially controversial items may be effectively dealt with at this time.

The Board of Trustees supports the establishment of a School Council to advise the principal and the School Board respecting any matter relating to the school.

The School Council of Escuela John Paul I elects its executive at a general meeting of parents in May. S.A.C. meetings are held on a regular basis.

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