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Students at John Paul I School have an opportunity to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities in sports or fine arts.

Christmas Program

Each year in December there is a Christmas program for the parents and families of our students. Though we keep our program simple, students are involved in the program. The format and the theme change from year to year. 

Student Clubs 

Our school offers a variety of clubs each year. Some take place at lunch time and some may take place after school. These clubs may change depending upon the expertise of the teaching staff and interested parents.


John Paul I also runs a variety of sports programs for their students. Our teachers are both passionate and determined in helping their students improve their basic skills in each sport.

Fine Arts

Our school also offers fine arts programs for its students. We have talented and dedicated teachers who are involved in helping students discover and develop their artistic abilities.

The following are some examples of the experiences your child can become involved in:

- choir

- recorder club

- art club

- volleyball

- drama club

- handbell choir

- homework club

- school environment club

- liturgical dance/dance club

- AMA patrols

- morning broadcast team

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