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Catholic Faith

Our Mission

At Escuela John Paul I Elementary Catholic School, we are a faith community striving for personal excellence in academics. We pursue growth of mind, body, and spirit by nurturing the potential and accepting the gifts and uniqueness of all individuals. As responsible citizens we are: "Many members, one body. Many gifts, one spirit."

Our Vision

Escuela John Paul I School is a Catholic community, that provides a safe and respectful environment where students develop their true potential as critical thinkers through the application of authentic 21st century learning skills.

Parish Information

Parish - Corpus Christi
               2707 34 st NW
               Edmonton, AB
Contact - Sr. Delia Rubio, RVM (780)466 - 7576

Week Day Mass Times

Monday to Friday 9:00 am

Sunday Mass Times

Saturday 4:30 pm

Sunday 9:30 am, 11:30 am, 5:00 pm

Sacramental Preparation

Sacramental Preparation in English

Link: Parent Access to Student-Home Resource

Religious Education

All of the Schools in the Edmonton Catholic School District use a Religious Education Program that is prescribed by our Alberta Bishops and provided through the National Office for Religious Education in Ottawa. The Program ranges from Kindergarten to Grade Twelve, and offers students with an overview of our Catholic faith as well as grade specific themes.

School Namesake

Escuela John Paul I Elementary School is named after Albino Luciani, who became Pope John Paul I in August of 1978. Before becoming Pope he had many titles within the hierarchy of the church including priest, teacher, Bishop, Patriarch, and Cardinal. He was the first Pope to choose a double name, John and Paul, after the two Popes who reigned before him.

Pope John Paul I is well known for his simple human talents including his bright smiles, warm hugs, and his love for laughing. One of Pope John Paul’s main priorities was helping the poor. Sorrowfully, his reign as Pope did not last very long as he had an unexpected heart attack on September 26, 1978, which caused his sudden death only thirty four days after becoming the Pope.

As students of John Paul I Elementary, we need to remember Pope John Paul’s bright smile, which to many was seen as a beam of light which spread the message of love for all. As you pass through our hallways, please remember to pass on this inspirational smile and message of universal love.


Dates of school events and celebrations can be found on our school calendar, newsletter, as well as our outdoor sign.

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