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School Council

We value the School Council and the role this group plays in contributing to our school programs. The council works closely with the school, staff, and administration to advise and liaise with us, and to inform both the school and parent community. This includes discussions on things such as new policies, fundraising, and new programs. Parents are encouraged to become active members of the School Council or as a room representatives and to attend all meetings. 

In addition, our school’s website will always have the monthly minutes posted. 

During the Annual General Meeting the election of the new Executive was held and listed below for your information is this year's council. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our congratulations to our new Executive.

Join us for the next SAC meeting - March 21 at 6:00 P.M. - SAC AGENDA - Agenda March 21, 2022.docx

Executive - 2021-2022

Kim Lougheed-KainChair
Agniesz BattrickVice-Chair
Margot JohnsonTreasurer
Maria MorgesSecretary
Stephanie KettleCasino Chair
Lori LundeenPrincipal
Tracee LabaAssistant Principal

School Advisory Council (SAC) & School Advisory Society (SAS) Meetings 2021-2022

AGM - SAC Meeting September 20, 2021SAC Meeting Minutes Sept 20, 2021 (1).pdf
SAC Society - September 30, 2021
St Martha SAC Society Sept 20, 2021.pdf
SAC Meeting - November 22, 2021SAC Meeting Minutes Nov 22, 2021.pdf
SAC Society - November 22, 2021St Martha SAC Society Minutes Nov 22, 2021.pdf
SAC Meeting - January 24, 2022SAC Meeting Minutes Jan 24, 2022.pdf
SAC Society - January 24, 2022St Martha SAC Society Minutes Jan 24, 2022.pdf
SAC - Society - January 24, 2022St. Martha School Advisory Society as of Dec 31, 2021.pdf

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