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School Information


Welcome to St. Martha School. We are an elementary school offering programming for students from Kindergarten to Grade 6. We are a child-centered community committed to our students and families who live in the communities of Lymburn, Callingwood and Ormsby in West Edmonton. 

Our Mission

At St. Martha School, we welcome all children to our Christ-centered professional learning community, where we are nurturing hearts, and informing minds.
“Nurturing Spirits" is our school's charism. We are all stewards of the environment - caring for ourselves, each other, and our surroundings. Each child at St. Martha will be encouraged to discover their gifts and achieve their academic best in a learning environment which is supportive, challenging and empowering.  Collectively, we will cultivate leaders of tomorrow.  


We serve the communities of Lymburn, Callingwood and Ormsby in West Edmonton. We offer yellow bus service to all of these communities with curb service for kindergarten students. ETS routes also serve the St. Martha School Community.

School Growth Plan

Certificate of Appreciation

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