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School Information

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The staff of St. Martha Catholic School would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our school community. We are an elementary school offering programming for students from (Pre- Kindergarten) to Grade 6. We serve the families who live in the communities of Lymburn, Callingwood and Ormsby in West Edmonton.

“Nurturing Spirits and Filling Hearts!” of our school’s philosophy. Our school’s liturgical celebrations, living our core values through the 8 Characters of Catholic Education and our dedicated staff are just a few of the many ways in which we ensure that your children are surrounded with a climate that is focused on learning and respect for one another and their surroundings.

We are a Catholic and child-centered community committed to our students. They are at the heart of our service and we strive to work closely together as a student, staff and parent community to ensure that each child at St. Martha will be encouraged to discover their gifts and achieve their academic best in a learning environment which is supportive, challenging and empowering.

The measure of our success as a school, is if our students make a strong commitment to school work, take a Christian approach in dealings with their peers, participate in the vibrant life of the school, then we as staff and parents have succeeded; succeeded jointly in producing an individual of strong character who will be a positive contributor and a leader in tomorrow’s society. 


We serve the communities of Lymburn, Callingwood and Ormsby in West Edmonton. We offer yellow bus service to all of these communities with curb service for kindergarten students. ETS routes also serve the St. Martha School Community.

Key Features

  • SMART Technology
  • Sports Program
  • Strong Discipline Policy
  • Strong curriculum Focus
  • Fine arts/Music program
  • Community Involvement


At St. Martha School, we welcome all children to our Christ-centered professional learning community, where we are nurturing hearts, and informing minds.

School Growth Plan

School Plan for Continuous Growth 2019-2022


Our Patron Saint

Bethany, a small town near Jerusalem. When Jesus preached in would often visit their home. Many believe Martha may have been the elder in the family, as she directed the household duties and made sure Jesus and other guests were comfortable.

Martha’s faith never wavered as she went out to meet Jesus on the road after the death of her brother Lazarus. She still believed that Jesus could bring him back to life and that God would grant Jesus whatever He asked.
"I AM the resurrection and the life; whoever lives and believes in me will live and never die. Do you believe this?” Martha in the ultimate act of faith replied, “Yes, Lord. You are the
Messiah, the Son of God.

According to legend, after Jesus’ death, Martha, Mary and Lazarus continued to tell others about the words and powers of Jesus. Martha is the patroness of housewives, innkeepers, waiters and cooks.

Prayer to St. Martha

Blessed St. Martha, who had the happiness of serving the Divine Master in your own home at Bethany, obtain for us the grace to serve God with love and fidelity.  May we share in the faith which enabled you to recognize Christ as the Son of God. May our hope be as strong as yours when you trusted Him, even though He seemed to fail you.  And may our love of God and be expressed, as was yours, in loving service of others.

St. Martha, model of all who desire to serve God in faith, hope and love, obtain for us the grace of final perseverance. 

We look forward to working with you and trust that this will be a rewarding educational experience for your child.

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