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Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor Classroom Coming to Anne Fitzgerald School!!


Edmonton Catholic Schools is launching an exciting new Outdoor Classroom Project initiative in Spring/Summer 2022. Designed to bring the classroom outdoors, these spaces will be unique to the 10 different schools participating this year, including Anne Fitzgerald.

The benefits of outdoor classrooms are well documented in research. Studies have shown that outdoor learning helps kids gain self-confidence, boosts childhood brain development, and improves academic performance.

To see an outdoor classroom in action in the winter, watch this video:

Our outdoor classroom is being designed to be used year-round. We’ve spent the last few months plotting our vision for the space and selecting the right components to bring our outdoor classroom to life. ECSD Principals were able to choose from complete class sets, including a blackboard for teaching, solid, stable, natural seating and desk space for students and the teacher, natural log seating; planters; and curriculum and equipment storage.

Watch for our outdoor space to be transformed in June/July 2022!

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