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At Anne Fitzgerald we offer a variety of programs, teams and clubs that the students can be a part of:

Kindergarten is a developmental program aimed at enhancing the children's academic and social skills. In order to register in the program, children must be 5 years old before December 31st of the following year. Half the day is spent with a teacher; the other half with an Early Childhood Educator.

French as a Second Language is a program that is offered to students from grade four to grade six.

Extra-Curricular Activities are scheduled throughout the year. These activities include:

  • Volleyball club
  • Floor hockey club
  • Running club
  • Skiing
  • Intramurals
  • Student run recycling program
  • Choir

Upper elementary students are actively involved in leadership programs, such as patrols, classroom supervision, office help, library help, etc.

All students have access to the school’s automated library. Students have the opportunity to borrow books and are expected to be considerate in returning books promptly. There will be a charge for lost or damaged books. Library privileges will be suspended if books are not returned.

Our Catholic tradition forms the basis of all our teachings. In addition to receiving religious instruction, students participate in a variety of celebrations throughout the course of the year. Students are expected to participate in all religious activities, celebrations and instruction.

Parents make the decision if their child will be making his/her First Communion, First Reconciliation and/or Confirmation. The school supports each sacrament with Religious Instruction.

Students from grade five and six are able to serve as the school safety patrols. They are AMA trained to assist the younger students to cross the street. For the safety of all students, we ask everyone's cooperation in helping the patrols to do their job.

Every room is equipped with smartboards, Chromebooks and iPads. Each parent will be asked to sign an Acceptable Use Form giving their children the right to use the Internet.  Each classroom also has an associated Google Classroom and Class Website that are updated weekly by teachers.

Each morning the admin team streams a morning broadcast segment to the whole school.  During this time staff and students pray together, sing, celebrate milestones and accomplishments and receive important information to start the day.

Our school has a very special Collaboratory. This is a space that is designed to encourage collaboration with various art materials, technology, etc.  It is also a great space for Inquiry Based Learning.

All classes are taught by a teacher who is a music specialist.  Students participate in various performances, carolling, and a whole school Christmas concert.  There is also a school choir for those students who are interested.

All students in the school have the option to sign up for our daily breakfast/lunch program.  Lunch and breakfast are delivered to the students in their classrooms.  There are also snacks available to all students throughout the day.

Our school has an Emotional Behavioural Specialist and a Learning Coach on site every day.

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