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School Plan for Continuous Growth

École Bishop Savaryn School Plan for Continuous Growth : 2020 - 2023

In keeping with our district's Foundation Statement, the students and staff of École Bishop Savaryn commit to 21st century learning. In support of hopeful Christ-centred living, in a society transformed by globalization, technological innovation, and human ingenuity, 21st century learning complements our commitment as a Catholic community of learners, leaders and educators. "As a Christ-Centered dual track (French and English) Learning Community, working in collaboration with our parish and community, we will strive towards Faith, Learning, Peace and Joy", École Bishop Savaryn fosters faith-based learning that deeply engages all staff and students in 21st century learning opportunities. All facets of the learning system -- curriculum, instruction, assessment, professional learning, accountability and resource allocation -- are in support of 21st century learning. Students will be creative, digitally aware, critical-thinking global citizens, analysts, communicators and producers engaged in learning that is conceptual and authentic within a  faith-based environment. Guided by our moral compass and focused on the common good, students and staff will be self-directed, adaptable, discerning and curious, as they engage individually and collaboratively in 21st century learning. 

Leaders grow disciples of Jesus!

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