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French Immersion Programming

French Immersion is a program designed for non-French speaking families. Parents whose children are in French Immersion typically do not speak French themselves. The French Immersion program follows the Alberta Education curriculum all while studying in French.  This form of bilingual education provides students with the opportunity to become functionally bilingual by the end of Grade 12.  The entry point for French Immersion students is Kindergarten or Grade One.  As of the 2020-2021 school year, École Bishop Savaryn School is in the process of transitioning from a "French-English Dual Track" school to a "single track French Immersion" school.   

French Immersion in ECSD

Benefits of French Immersion

  • Research has shown that learning a second language could have a positive effect on first language development
  • Bilingualism is at the core of Canada's national identity
  • Students gain an understanding and appreciation of francophone cultures
  • Learning a second language has been shown to bring cognitive and academic benefits
  • Learning a second language can open up many additional opportunities for employment

French Immersion is Set Up as Follows:

  • French Immersion students use French as the language of instruction for all subjects with the exception of Religion and English Language Arts.
  • The language of communication between home and school is English.
  • The student is given as many opportunities as possible to practice using the French language. 
  • Students acquire vocabulary during math, science, social studies and other subjects.

Families who should Consider French Immersion:

  • Anyone including students whose family is not French speaking.
  • Anyone including students who do not know French, as instructional strategies and materials are designed with this in mind.
  • French Immersion is suitable for any child because the program offers the same assistance all ECSD programs do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is an article that might help answer some questions 10 Answers for Parents about French Immersion

Q: How can I help my child if I do not speak French?

A: Parents have a strong role to play in helping their child develop thinking skills and learning strategies. Parents can help their child with homework in concrete ways such as asking many guiding questions to develop habits of mind.

(Example: In a math problem, ask, Can you find the question first? What does it look for? Can you find the information? Are there any irrelevant pieces of information you can omit? etc.)

Q: Will my child's English suffer?

A: French Immersion students are typically very strong in English Language Arts. Studying French reinforces one's ability to consider all aspects of reading, writing and this serves to enrich their English language skills.

Q: Will my child find math or science difficult in French?

A: Difficult concepts require the same effort to acquire whether in French or in English. Once the concept is mastered it is then labeled in the memory, for example, 'Division' or 'La division' 

Useful Links Related to French Immersion

French Immersion Catchment Areas

ECSD School Finder

If you live in anywhere in the areas EAST OF 82 ST. TO 149 ST. AND NORTH OF 153 AVENUE TO 184 AVENUE. you children are eligible for transportation to our French Immersion Program.

Transportation Services will provide for the pick up of our Kindergarten and Grade 1 French immersion students. To see a map displaying our French Immersion catchment areas, please click on the link below. If you reside within the yellow shaded areas on the map, your child will have transportation provided to them for French Immersion programming. 

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