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New Curriculum and Academic Programs


September 2022 is the start of a New Curriculum journey for Kindergarten to Grade 6.  Starting in the 2022-2023 school year Kindergarten to Grade 6 students will learn a new provincial curriculum in:

  • Physical Education and Wellness (K-6)
  • English Language Arts and Literature (K-6 only)
  • Mathematics (K-3 only)

Our classrooms remain spaces of faith-based learning that deeply engage all staff and students.  ECSD has a strong history of fostering deep learning experiences for our students with a foundation in literacy and numeracy.  We are prepared for the upcoming changes and have been working with our staff to ensure they are supported.  The curriculum might be changing, but good teaching and learning will remain paramount!

You can find more information here:

Academic Programming

Bishop Savaryn offers a variety of academic and co-curricular programs. In the area of Academic programming, the following programs are available to your child:

  • School-wide English Language Arts and Literature curriculum is composed of six interrelated language arts: reading and writing, listening and speaking, and viewing and representing
  • French as a Second Language for students in Grades 4-6.
  • Inclusive English as a Second Language is designed for new Canadians, or for students whose first language at home is that other than English.
  • Information and Communication Technologies are integrated into the core curriculum.
  • Music, and art are integrated into your child's academic subjects.
  • Students are encouraged to be active through daily physical activity, and through our extra/co-curricular activities. 
  • Academic Support, for all learners achieving below and above Grade Level, using an inclusive model, is provided through the Inclusive Education Team, in collaboration with the homeroom teacher.
  • Home Reading Program  - All classes participate
All classrooms at Bishop Savaryn have a wide range of learners. Our goal at Bishop Savaryn is to assist students to achieve their personal academic best.

Assessment and Reporting

You can find more information about Assessment and Reporting here: Parent Guide to Assessment and Reporting

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