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General Program Information

English as a Second Language is provided to students who are new to the English Language. Programs are teacher directed and are developed to meet the needs of the students.

French as a Second Language is a program that is offered to students from grade four to grade six.

Kindergarten is a developmental program aimed at enhancing the children's academic and social skills. In order to register in the program, children must be 5 years old before December 31st of the following year.

Extra-Curricular Activities are scheduled throughout the year. All students have the opportunity to participate in various interests which may include such things as sports, technology, robotics, music, and art activities.

Upper elementary students are actively involved in leadership programs, such as patrols, classroom supervision, lunchroom supervision, office help, library help, board game café, etc.

All students have access to the school’s automated library. Students have the opportunity to borrow books and are expected to be considerate in returning books promptly for others to enjoy. Our library holds a variety of books for all levels to enjoy!

Our Catholic tradition forms the basis of all our teachings. In addition to receiving religious instruction, students participate in a variety of celebrations throughout the course of the year.

Parents make the decision if their child will be making his/her First Communion, First Reconciliation and/or Confirmation. The school supports each sacrament with Religious Instruction. Please contact St. Edmund Parish (780-455-8592) for further information.

Students from grade five and six are able to serve as the school safety patrols. They are AMA trained to assist the younger students to cross 117th Street. For the safety of all students, we ask everyone's cooperation in helping the patrols to do their job. This includes no jaywalking, thus crossing ONLY at the designated crosswalk with lights, no stopping/parking in front of the school, no parking in staff parking lots, and no U-turns in the roadway in front of the school.

The school has a well equipped, technology makerspace, as well as smartboards, Chromebooks, netbooks and iPads that are accessible to every classroom. Each classroom is set up with one or more computers networked to the library. Each parent will be asked to sign an Acceptable Use Form giving their children the right to use the Internet.

Throughout the year students are involved in theme days. These days are fun and develop school spirit, culture and pride.

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