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School Artwork


Stained glass images welcome all students and guests upon entering our school.  The first image on the right has a cross, a candle and the Bible.  The second image on the left is our patron saint, Saint Timothy.


Stained glass images reflect our faith in our school.  These panels are found in the hallway of our library windows.  The first image on the right is St. Thomas Aquinas, who is the patron saint of students.  The second image on the left is an image of a dove which symbolizes the holy spirit and the image of hands, rising up to God, as our Charism states "A welcoming school filled with love, kindness and joy, where all students can be active leaders and rise up to God. ".  


Over the course of two days local artist Theo Harasymiw worked with St. Timothy students to draw and color images that students thought depicted family, nature, community, and spirituality.  The images were then used to create one large mural to share our student vision of "Our school brings everyone together".  This mural was a collaboration between our students and artist Theo Harasymiw.

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