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Supply list

Supply List (all grades)


1 Binder 2”

1 Package of Graph Paper 2 Packages of Lined Paper 1 Package of Dividers

   Pencils (can be purchased throughout the year)

3 red, 5 blue, 5 black (can be purchased throughout the year)

2 Highlighters of different colours

1 Geometry Set (can be purchased in grade 7 and used through grade 8 and 9)

1 Ruler 30 cm

1 Package of Pencil Crayons 

 1 Pencil sharpener

1 Eraser

1 Calculator (Cell Phone calculators not allowed)

1 Pair of Indoor Shoes for Phys Ed

   Reusable Water Bottle


 Optional Items:

                                                          (each item below is a link, please click on it to view the item)



Coiled Notebooks

Post-It Notes (3”X3”)

Please see the link below for printable version of Supply List. 

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