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School Information

Our Mission

St. Hilda Catholic Junior High School extends a warm welcome to all parents and students visiting our school and viewing our program opportunities for the coming school year.

St. Hilda Catholic Junior High staff believes and lives the following Mission Statement: St. Hilda School will strive to develop each student’s Spirit, Mind and Body by encouraging the development of:

Christian Attitude

  • Care, concern and acceptance of others and self as encouraged by our Catholic faith and as symbolized through celebrations.
  • A safe and caring school environment that recognizes Christian service.

Academic Excellence

  • Putting forth a good a good effort and taking pride in our school work with the assistance of new technology.
  • Academic results that are above the provincial average on the Provincial Achievement Exam Results

Extra-curricular Involvement

  • Participation in extracurricular activities of the social, physical, intellectual, creative and spiritual nature, e.g., sports teams, intramurals, leadership club, dances, charity fundraisers
A history of numerous City Championship wins, e.g., premier division girls and boys volleyball, wrestling and basketball.

Our Motto

"Growing Together in SPIRIT, MIND and BODY."


We are a school that serves the Mill Woods community. Located at 38 Avenue and 76 Street, the school is accessible by all major ETS bus routes.

Key Features

  • Strong Academic Results
  • Catholic faith is an integral component of our learning environment and includes a focus on Christian Service
  • Students have Caring Homeroom Teacher Advisors
  • Multi-cultural: over 40 different countries represented
  • Strong Discipline
  • Excellent Athletic Programs
  • Extra time given to core subjects
  • Strong ESL Program
  • Great home and school communication
  • Student Recognition - Honors with Distinction, Honors, Academic Merit, Consistent Effort, Christian service, Subject Awards, Athletic Awards

Our Patron Saint

Hilda was born (614 A. D.) into royalty but her infancy was filled with tragedy. Yet, her mother dreamed about a precious jewel. Hilda’s life was to become that jewel.

Hilda’s mission began with her baptism at the age of thirteen. Being a Christian meant deliverance, hope and joy. Hilda embraced the faith and mysteries of Christ and lived a peaceful life for many years as she learned and followed the teachings of Christ.

Beginning in 633, Christians suffered persecution and death for their faith. Hilda spent the following ten years of her life in turbulence.

At thirty-three, Hilda went to live in a monastery where she learned that inequality and poverty were to be addressed by justice, charity and peace. Hilda’s monastery was the model school that brought about a strong commitment to the poor. Hilda taught with passion and compassion until her death on November 17, 680, her feast day.

St. Hilda is a great inspiration to our school. She was an exemplary teacher and provided an excellent education which accommodated every type of learner. Christ was the focal point of her teachings. The education we at St. Hilda provide our students is permeated with the teachings of Christ. Like St. Hilda, our teachers are inspired to provide the best education for our students.
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