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St. Hilda Option Courses

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Guide to Complementary Courses (Options) 2022-2023

Foods: $25.00 – Semester Option
In CTF Foods, students will learn the theory and skills that go along with basic cooking and baking. Students use their knowledge and skills by making a variety of recipes. Students' interests and dietary needs are taken into consideration. The themes and recipes used for each grade vary, but everyone gets to make some fantastic food!

French: No Fee – Full Year Option***
The ultimate objective of French as a Second Language is communicative competence in the French language, with a balance of acquired skills in writing, reading, speaking, listening, and oral interactions. Students will be exposed to a variety of French language media, including French literature, film, music, poetry, video clips, presentations, magazine/newspaper articles, and comic strips. Speaking French in class will be positively reinforced, as students prepare to complete communicative tasks that demonstrate their language skills in authentic ways.

Instrumental Music: Gr.7 $15.00       Gr.8&9   $50.00 – Full Year Option***
In band class, you will have the opportunity to explore music more in-depth than in elementary school. With guidance from the music teacher, students will be able to select a wind instrument from the brass or woodwind instrument families. Students can choose between oboe, flute, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, French horn, baritone, and tuba. In addition to learning the basics of how to play the instruments, students will work on basic skills which will include playing scales, learning how to read music and finally, performing ensemble music. Once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, students can expect to perform in various public venues. These opportunities may include playing for our elementary feeder schools, Christmas Concert, ECSD Band Share Day, parent recitals and school tournaments. In subsequent years, the songs that are played becomes more complex and the number of performance opportunities increases as do the instrument choices. Instruments such as percussion are a possibility as is the opportunity to perform in a jazz ensemble which further explores different genres of music. Out of city band trips and band camps may be possible as well once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Literacy in Reading: No Fee – Full Year Option***
Literacy in Reading is the perfect accompaniment to Language Arts. In this class, we look at exploring various reading strategies through different language-based games and interactive activities. The Literacy in Reading option will help us understand and interpret what we read. We will work at expanding our vocabulary and decoding meaning. This class will help strengthen not only your comprehension of text but also help further your reading across all core subjects.

Outdoor Education:   Gr.8 $30.00     Gr.9  $50.00 – Semester Option
Outdoor Education gives students the unique opportunity to learn basic outdoor and survival skills in a safe, team-based atmosphere. The Program of Studies for this course encourages students to learn and practice skills such as shelter building, orienteering, and enjoying the outdoors, no matter the weather. In Grade 8, students go on at least two field trips, one to learn to build fires and cook outdoors and another hiking trip to explore the beauty of nature that we can experience right here in Edmonton. In Grade 9 we have been to an in-door rock climbing gym, canoeing, hiking and end the year with an overnight camping trip.

Woodworking: $25.00 – Semester Option
“Imagine, design, measure, cut, and assemble” - when students do wood projects there's intricate learning every step of the way. Measuring can improve spatial and number sense, and design and construction exercise visualization skills. Building things from scratch improves student's self-reliance. This course is designed to lead students through the design process in a "hands-on" shop setting with careful supervision to achieve a finished product. Students will be introduced to complex processes such as operating hand and power tools and having the opportunity to read, decipher, and eventually create plans in the design process.

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