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Monthly Messages and Information

2022-2023 School Year: 


October 2022


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August and September 2022fire%20safety.JPG

September 2022 Fire Safety (1) (1).pdf


Dear students and families!

First, thank you for choosing our great school! We sincerely look forward to serving each of our students as they continue their academic journeys! We hope that everyone had a fun, and relaxing summer holiday! School start up is nearing and we would like to share some important information, so you know when to come in and what to expect!

On Wednesday and Thursday students will have the opportunity to find their homerooms, get schedules, lockers, locks, get and go over the student handbooks with their teachers. Just like previous years, Thursdays will be a half day.

This year we have decided to give our grade seven students some more time to settle in. Starting in a new school can be exciting but also nerve racking! Therefore, we are dedicating Wednesday, Aug 31st to just the grade seven students.

Thursday, September 1st is for grade eights and nines only.

The school doors will open at 8:25 just like a regular school day! Class lists will be posted on rolling bulletin boards and staff will be in hallways to help and direct students.

On Friday we will have our first day of regular instruction and students will be provided with a hot dog lunch!

For parents wishing to pay school fees, please be advised they are to be paid online-please do not sent money with your child! If you have any questions or issues with online payments, please call our office after the September long weekend. We appreciate your understanding as we want to dedicate all our office times to supporting and welcoming our students!

Lastly, our Meet the Teacher Evening will be on Wednesday, September 7th, in person, in the gym. Please take this time to meet your child’s teachers. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be grilled!

Welcome back!

Mike Spadafora
St. Hilda School



2021-2022 School Year:

May and June 2022

End of school year is arround the corner, please see our Calendar for dates of our exams and other events. 

Study Hall Informational dates 2021-2022.pdf


April 2022

Family Book Club with Edmonton Public Library:  Reading aloud to your children helps them develop a love of reading, while strengthening family relationships. Learn tips and tricks for reading together at home, including why reading in your home language is so important. Then get easy access to two great books from the library: Willa the Wisp by Jonathan Auxier, and Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman. Families can also connect online via a virtual bulletin board to meet fellow book lovers, or attend a virtual child-friendly book club gathering on Saturday, April 23. Reading has never been this exciting! Visit for more information.

The North Millbourne Community League (NMCL) is conducting a community needs assessment for Michael’s Park Playground Area (the park south west of the NMCL community hall.

 The purpose of this needs assessment is determine the community needs and priorities for re-developing the park. This information will help NMCL work with the City of Edmonton to create the concept plan for the park.
Completing this survey will provide valuable information needed to move this project forward. NMCL estimate that the survey will take you 8 minutes to complete. All information will be kept confidential and will only be used for the development of the park plan.

 NMCL  would appreciate if you would complete this survey to help out.

 Thank you for your help.
The North Millbourne Community League (NMCL)


April Principal Message

 As we welcome spring we are reminded that it is a time of renewal! The monochrome, bleakness of winter transforms into vibrant colors that awaken and rejuvenate our senses and spirits, and we are filled with hope and joy! This is so fitting as we finish our Lenten Season and contemplate Jesus’ suffering and death for us so that we may be reborn, with new vigor and hope! Let us use our newfound energy and spirit to do good in the world: help one another, forgive one another, and love one another! Let us continue to pray for the people of Ukraine and peace throughout the world!

With a new season come some changes at school. Our lunch time routine is changing back to a regular pre COVID schedule. All students will be eating their lunch during the first half of lunch and will then go outside for their lunch time recess! This will help build a stronger community of students across all grades.

Congratulations to our Hawks Basketball Teams! The girls showed much growth and improvement during the season, and we know next year will be exciting! The boys struggled through the season with some very close losses but peaked at the right time and made it to the championship game! It was a tight back and forth game but sadly lost! They showed much growth, and we are extremely proud of both teams as they were excellent ambassadors for St. Hilda. They displayed grit, determination, and sportsmanship all season long! Special thanks to Mr. Tewitz, Mrs. Scherger and Mr. Cej who gave up much of their personal time to coach basketball! Without their commitment to the students, we could not have had teams! We now look forward to badminton and expect to see some exciting games!

On behalf of the staff and students of St. Hilda I want to thank all the volunteers that worked our Casino in February! Your gracious gift of time ensures that our students and staff have access to greater educational experiences!

Happy Spring break and Happy Easter!


Principal Spadafora



February 2022Terry%20Fox.JPG

January 2022

The playground committee is pleased to share that the next phase of community

engagement for the design process is ready to begin!

This is the beginning of some of the most important steps to bring our dream to

reality; and the reality is that we need more people to help. As we enter this next

phase we are committing to financial deposits and the fundraising phase to

obtain the matching funds grants from various levels of government and the

private sector.

We need 6 engaged people to plan, organize, and oversee the fundraising

events. The more people the lighter the workload.

Do you have great ideas? Are you a people person? Do you like behind the

scenes tasks? There is something for every skill set but most importantly do you

want North Millbourne to have a new playground?

Without additional volunteers to help at this pivotal point we may have to put a

hold on moving this project forward, and we have already come so far!

Please reach out to Ariel at to learn more about becoming

a part of this fantastic group of volunteers.

December 2021

December 2021 - Principal Message

Advent is such an important time of the year for all Christians. We celebrate God’s ultimate gift, the coming of his son Jesus at Christmas. What a joyful time it is as we reflect on what it means to have Jesus in our lives!  Unfortunately, Christmas can be difficult for families as there is so much societal pressure to spend money on gifts. God did indeed send us the ultimate gift, but it came in the form of love for us. Therefore, remember, considering the gift of quality time that you spend with your immediate families rather than focusing on material gifts!

Speaking of gifts and giving, St. Hilda is so blessed to have such a wonderful school and community. Our staff continues to work hard to offer many extracurricular activities for our students. Thank you to all the teachers for their generosity:

  • Mr. Picard, Mr. Penteado, Mr. Lacroix for their time in hosting the homework club
  • Mr. Penteado for his culture and language club
  • Mrs. Salt for her social justice activities that have been raising funds for the Hope Mission as well as her crafts club and opening the library at lunch time for students
  • Mr. Lacroix for all the extra time he puts into making all our religious celebrations so meaningful!  
  • Mr. Sosa for sharing his mental health tips. Our worship Band would not sound so good without his direction
  • Mrs. Brochu and Mrs. Scherger for the fitness club
  • Mr. Bruschetto for his dedication to keeping our school so clean and looking so good!


Congratulations to both the girls’ and boys’ volleyball teams that had great seasons. They came up a bit short in the playoffs but were very competitive throughout the regular seasons. Extra big thank you to Mr. Tewitz for coaching the girls and Mr. Cej for coaching the boys. Without them these teams would not be possible! I know that Mrs. Scherger and Mr. Tewitz are already getting ready for the basketball season. We know you will represent us proudly!

Our inaugural accelerated math and science programs have launched successfully, and the student are cruising along.  Of course, we are very proud of our students and all the hard work they have been doing and for their positive contributions to making St. Hilda such an excellent school!!

On a personal note, I wish to thank Mr. Horpyniuk and Mrs. Brochu for running the school while I was off. Their leadership skills shone through as they stepped up to ensure that St. Hilda continued to run smoothly!

On behalf of the staff of St. Hilda, I would like to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Don’t forget we start back on Tuesday, January 4, 2022!

We look forward to serving you all in the new year!

God Bless!

Mike Spadafora

November 2021

November 2021–Principal Message

November… Wait a minute…November!?! Already! WOW! I cannot believe we are already entering into our third month of school. Students have done an outstanding job at continuing to be resilient, understanding and flexible in the face of Covid. St. Hilda would like to thank everyone entering our school for following Covid-19 protocols, completing the Covid-19 Screening Questionnaire prior to entering, and following guidelines such as mask wearing.

As we enter November, we are beginning to experience colder and colder temperatures. It’s time to start bringing the gloves, toques, and heavy jackets out of the closet! Please make sure that children are dressed appropriately according to these dropping temperatures. Children should not be coming to school before 8:15AM as our school doors don’t open until 8:20AM. Afterschool, students need to vacate the school as soon as possible unless they are participating in one of our many wonderful school clubs or sports teams.

For parents picking up their children afterschool, thank you for picking them up in the parking lot on the other side of the street (by Tim Horton’s). The area in front of our school is reserved for buses only. With many students leaving the school at the same time, student safety is our first and upmost priority. Thank you, parents, for your attention on this matter.

A couple of quick reminders to mark off on your home calendars:

November 10th

Virtual Remembrance Day School Celebration

November 11th

Remembrance Day (No School)

November 12th – 15th

Fall Break (No School) – ENJOY!

November 16th

Classes Resume 
Virtual Parent Council Meeting 6:30pmFor meeting link, click here

November 17th

Picture Re-Take Day

November 25th

Virtual Demo of Learning (Parent Teacher Conferences) – To make

An appointment, click here

November 25th is our virtual demo of learning (Parent Teacher Conference) night. It is strongly encouraged that parents and caregivers use PowerSchool on an ongoing basis so that there are no academic surprises. Using PowerSchool will give you a current picture of how well your child is doing in school and eliminates the need to wait until parent teacher interviews to know! For help regarding PowerSchool, Microsoft Teams, or Gradebook, please click here.

St. Hilda is offering many clubs, mental wellness opportunities, sports teams and academic support classes for our students. Please make sure that you do not block our school phone number (780-462-3195), as when your child tries to call home from our school, they are unable to place a call. Furthermore, if a child is sick, needs to complete assessment, or wants to learn a new hobby afterschool, we are unable to call home to notify parents!

Lastly, thank you to our wonderful staff who continue to provide new learning experiences and opportunities for growth within our St. Hilda Hawks student family. Our Hawks staff continuously bring a passion for education and are always there to help support students when they are in need. Thank you!

Have a wonderful November and stay warm!

Paul Horpyniuk


October 2021

Useful link from St. Theresa Parish:





Communion (Holy Eucharist)

Youth Ministry Events



September 2021

What is Individual Program Plan? Click HERE to learn more. 

School Advisory Committee and Fundraising Society information

Dear St Hilda Families, 

 The School Advisory Committee (SAC) and our Fundraising Society do much for the students and school. The SAC acts like a sounding board and helps the school administration make decisions through your feedback that directly impact your children’s education.  

 The Fundraising Society hosts a casino that helps the school out with financial assistance. This assistance improves the overall educational experience of all students at St. Hilda. Some examples of purchases we have made in the past have included Chromebooks for students, team uniforms, band instruments, and library books, just to name a few. We cannot do this unless we have parents and families help us out and come to meetings to help us make decisions on how to spend our funds. 

 The commitment is not big, only requiring a meeting a month for about an hour. Without parents’ involvement, we risk losing our casinos and the ability to enhance your children’s education.  

 Please join us and make your child’s education that much better!  Just click on this link on Thursday, September 23rd at 6:30 PM. 

See you then!

Meeting Link:

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