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The children are encouraged to be on time for registration in the morning and afternoon.  Students who arrive after registration (8:30 a.m. and 12:35 p.m.) will be considered "late."  They should report to the school office if they arrive after the bell.  A late note is always written in their agenda.  Please call the school if your child is going to be absent. Please do not wait for the system to call you.  Our school phone # is 780-478-3288.  You can also leave a message on our phone 24 hours a day.



 Yellow school bus passes are available in the office for students living in our designated busing boundaries. The cost is $35.00 per month for all students. Families with 3 or more students enrolled with Edmonton Catholic Schools qualify for a family rate of $30.50 per bus pass. ETS passes are also available at the same price for students in our school.  Keep your ETS bus pass since it is your only receipt for income tax.

A replacement bus pass is: $5.00 for the yellow bus and $72.50 for ETS.  Please log in to your Power School account to pay for bus passes.  If your child is NOT taking the bus after school, please notify the office so we do not hold up the bus looking for him/her.

Students participating in online learning can sign up for bussing to secure a spot on the bus route should they choose to return to in-person learning later in the year.


St. Anne students will have 6 practice fire drills and 3 practice lockdowns throughout the year. The District has asked us to share common information with all parents so that you may also become informed.

What Should Parents do in the Event of an Emergency?

Parents and community members play an important role in keeping our schools safe. Following all security measures such as

  • signing in at the school office
  • allowing school and emergency services personnel do their job during an emergency
  • keeping contact information up-to-date such as phone numbers and emergency contacts

The most helpful parental responses to a school emergency are to remain calm and wait for accurate information to be sent to the number listed on your child's emergency contact. We understand it is a natural instinct for parents to want to rush to their child. It is important for you to understand that, during such an event, individual schools and emergency responders have made preparations to deal with these incidents. Your cooperation in an emergency is essential to the safe and swift resolution of the incident.

Please do not call the school. It is essential to keep phone lines open so school officials can make outgoing emergency calls. If students are ill or injured, the parents of those students will be notified first. Please do not go to the school. As we have learned from past school emergencies, one of our greatest challenges is how to manage an onslaught of parents and concerned citizens rushing to the scene to "help." By doing so, parents can inadvertently create traffic jams that may block emergency responders from getting to the scene or leaving if necessary to transport injured staff or students to emergency medical facilities. Additional key points:

  • Remain calm, follow procedures, and cooperate with school and public safety officials.
  • Remain close to the phone listed as your emergency contact number.
  • Understand that emergency pickup procedures are different than routine pickup procedures. You may be required to pick up your child at school or at a designated family reunification site.
  • Follow emergency procedures. If you are asked to pick up your child, you will be asked to follow the checkout procedure established for emergencies.
  • The reunification system was developed to ensure the safety of students and it is vital that the procedure be followed.
  • Remain in designated areas at the family reunification site.
  • Be patient!



Our Lost and Found is located in the front of the school. Please encourage your child to check there often as we do accumulate a number of items throughout the year. Better yet, please label all your child's belongings so we can return them to the right owner as quickly as possible. This includes lunch bags, back packs, shoes, jackets, snow pants, sweaters, etc.


Please do not drive into the west teacher parking lot at the front of the school to drop off your children.  This creates a dangerous situation for pedestrians, including your children, who may not be visible while you are backing up to leave.  There is a safe parent drop-off zone with parking stalls available for your use on the southeast side of school.  Thank you for your cooperation in creating a safe environment for all children.



A special form must be completed before any medication is given at school.  Please contact the school office for your copy of the form.





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