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Online Learning

During the school closure necessitated by the COVID-19 health emergency, students can access learning opportunities through Google Classrooms. Students will need to sign into Google Chrome to access these classrooms from home. If your child requires their username and/or password, please contact your child's teacher through email. Any other questions can be directed to the school office at 780-478-3288 or by email. Office hours are 8:30 am - 12:00 pm & 1:00 pm - 3:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Get Started with Google at Home 2020.pdf

Get Started with Office 365 at Home 2020.pdf

For instructions to log into a Google Classroom, please watch the slides below.

Google Classroom Links
100 VoicesKindergarten A
Grade 1Kindergarten B
Grade 4Grade 2/3
Grade 6Grade 5

To contact your child's teacher, please use the links below.

Miss Olivieri (100 Voices)Ms. Bianca (KB)
Ms. Pompei (KA)Ms. Toyad (1A)
Ms. Custodio (1B)Ms. Lopes- Cunha (1B/French)
Ms. Jackson-Grady (2/3A)Ms. Martynowski (2/3A)
Mr. Mandrusiak (4A)Ms. Barkwell (5A)
Ms. Guzzo (6A)
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