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New Curriculum Sept 2022


In September 2022, Kindergarten to Grade 6 students across Alberta will learn a new provincial curriculum in Physical Education and Wellness (K-6), English Language Arts and Literature (K-3 only), and Mathematics (K-3 only). ECSD has a strong history of fostering deep learning experiences for all our students with foundations of literacy, numeracy, and universal design for learning. We are prepared for the upcoming changes and have been working hard to ensure our staff are supported. Professional development will begin this month for staff and continue into the new school year. We have expanded our consultant and leadership teams to support the implementation of the new curriculum. We are confident our classrooms will remain spaces of faith-based learning that deeply engage all staff and students with technological innovation, creativity, critical thinking, and authentic learning experiences. Click here to learn more about the new curriculum and how it will differ from what’s being taught currently in schools.

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