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Catholic Faith ✝


Edmonton Catholic School District Foundation Statements 

District Mission Statement 

Inspired by

  • Love of the Father
  • Faith in Jesus Christ
  • Hope from the Holy Spirit 

    We believe in God and we believe 
  • that each person is created in the image and likeness of God
  • that each child is a precious gift and sacred responsibility 
  • in the goodness, dignity and worth of each person
  • that Christ is our model and our teacher
  • in celebrating and witnessing our faith
  • in transforming the world through Catholic education
  • that Catholic education includes spiritual growth and fulfillment
  • that learning is a lifelong journey
  • that all can learn and develop their gifts
  • in building Christ-centred communities for service to one another
  • that all have rights, roles and responsibilities for which they are accountable
  • that Catholic education is a shared responsibility in which parents have a primary role 

The mission of Edmonton Catholic Schools is to provide a Catholic education that inspires students to learn and that prepares them to live fully and to serve God in one another.

District Vision  

Our students will learn together, work together and pray together in answering the call to a faith-filled life of service.

St. Elizabeth Catholic School Statements

School Mission Statement: 

Our mission as a faith-based Catholic community is to demonstrate love, acceptance, and guidance in a Christ centered learning environment, seeking every opportunity to teach our students to develop their unique gifts in order to reach their full potential.  At St. Elizabeth we work as a team to create a positive, inclusive environment so all students can feel safe and accepted, and therefore be willing to take risks as life-long learners.  

School Vision:  

All of our students are welcomed to our school community to learn together to reach their potential as God intended.

Chaplain Role:

This year we have a teacher in the position of school Chaplain who will attend the Chaplain meetings throughout the year and report any necessary information back to the rest of the staff. Miss Schwartz serves in this capacity.

School- Parish Connection:

At St. Elizabeth we have a strong relationship with our parish, which is St. Theresa.  Principals in the Mill Woods area meet regularly with the parish team to review and align goals. Dates are selected in advance for celebrations, grade 6 retreats and teacher professional development. A priest from the parish is assigned to visit our classrooms to enhance our Religious Education program every Friday. Dates are organized throughout the year for Sacramental Preparation. Typically children in grade 3 receive the Sacrament of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist. In grade 6, our students are invited to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. There are special programs should your child miss these opportunities and would like to be considered for Sacramental preparation. 

For important information about parish activities, news and events, please visit the St. Theresa Parish website at


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