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Catholic Faith

Our School Namesake: St. Justin

St. Justin was born in Samaria around 100 A. D. and died in 165 A. D. His feast day is June 1.
Justin was a layman and one of the first great Christian philosophers. One day, he engaged in a discussion with an impressive-looking old man who told Justin of a philosophy nobler and more fulfilling than any he had yet studied – one that had been revealed by God to the Hebrew prophets and told about Jesus Christ. Justin was inspired to study the Scriptures and to learn about Christianity. He was baptized a Christian at the age of 30.

Justin’s teaching and writing describes the faith of early Christians and what took place at their gatherings. These descriptions reveal that today’s Mass reflects how the early Christians celebrated the Eucharist.

He travelled much and loved to engage in conversation with people who were not Christians. He was continually persecuted for his beliefs. In Rome, he opened a Christian school and was arrested for his beliefs. When asked to deny his faith, Justin replied, “No right-minded person forsakes truth for falsehood.” He was sentenced to death.

Our school motto is ‘Faith in Education’. St. Justin believed that authentic Christian education must be an expression of Christian faith in every aspect of the learning environment.

Parish Information:

Sacramental Preparation:

St. Justin School works in partnership with Good Shepherd Parish to support parents and children in preparing for the Holy Sacraments. Sacramental preparation sessions are offered through the parish and require registration. Please contact Good Shepherd Parish for up to date information.


As part of our Catholic faith, Christ's message is brought to life in both classroom and school-wide celebrations. Parents are invited to join us when it's appropriate. Check our Monthly Newsletter regularly for information on faith celebrations.

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