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Open House Information


St. Augustine will host a virtual open house on Thursday, February 18  a 6:30 pm.  Click here to join the Virtual Open House event on Microsoft Teams LIVE. 

St. Augustine Virtual Open House

Kindergarten Open House 

Meet Our Incredible Staff



  1. Online registrations will open January 11, 2021 at 9am on our ECSD division general website
  2. To register your child(ren) you will need the following documentation to upload on the online registration system 
    1.  Birth Certificate    
    2.  Citizenship/Residency documents (if necessary)     
    3.  Baptismal Certificate      
    4.  Most current Court Orders/Custody/Delegation of Authority (if necessary)       
    5.  Any other documentation that is specific to your situation (Change of Name Certificate, Work Permit, Study Permit, Treaty Status/Card, etc)
  3. Once you complete the online registration and have uploaded the necessary documents, our school office will contact you to set up a time to drop by the school to complete the registration process. For this meeting you will need to bring the original documents that you uploaded (from list above), we will scan your originals and verify your information. You will also need to provide proof of address, this can include a current utility bill or your driver's license.
  4. The Principal will then review your finalized registration prior to acceptance. Once this review is complete, you will receive a phone call from either the Administrative Assistant or Principal to confirm acceptance for the next school year. 
  5. To register your child you can either click on the "register now" link at the top of this page or click on the "register now" button below. These links will take you to our general division website registration page. Please follow the steps as indicated on the website.

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