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General Information

The success of St. Augustine School rests in the dynamic partnership of parents, students, teachers and support staff working together to build a strong Catholic school community. This partnership is strengthened through our common desire to deepen and live our Catholic Faith.

Please take this opportunity to stroll through our web page and learn more about us.  Should you have any questions or would like registration information, please feel free to contact us by phone, mail, fax, email, or perhaps by dropping by.


St. Augustine School is situated in the Duggan district of Edmonton. Our school population comes from the Duggan community. Students are also transported by yellow busses from the communities of Bearspaw, Empire Park, Steinhauer, Southbrook and Yellowbird.

Key Features

  • Daily reflections, prayers and religious instruction allow for an open appreciation of the values of Christianity.
  • Students participate in frequent liturgical celebrations, celebrating our faith and love of our God.
  • Students are provided with a high quality academic program, where provincial and district standards are regularly met and exceeded.
  • Enrichment activities are provided through regular classroom projects such as extracurricular programs, technology instruction, music program, French as a second language (Grades 4 to 6), and special presentations.
  • Very supportive and active Parent Volunteer Program.

Our Namesake

St. Augustine of Hippo [354-430AD], a foremost philosopher- Theologian of the early Christian church, was born in  North Africa. His mother Monica was a devout Christian who raised her son to follow the Christian faith. Augustine, however did not follow these teachings, and his mother prayed for his conversion.

Augustine was a great teacher who captivated his students. Augustine argued that the education must begin from the natural curiosity of the students. He maintained that the teachers must gain the confidence and trust of their students, explain things clearly, alter teaching methods to maintain interest, and present materials at their student level of understanding.

Augustine was a teacher ahead of his time.  At the age of 33, Augustine was filled with the Holy Spirit and was baptized. He was ordained a priest in 391 AD. In 396, he became bishop of Hippo. Augustine spent most of his life writing about the love of God for us. He believed the presence of God within us is the source of all knowledge, and that our basic faith must be grounded in scripture as well as guided by the teaching of the church.


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