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Catholic Faith

Our School's Foundation Statements


 Vision Statement :

An inclusive and positive faith-based learning atmosphere where children feel valued and welcome. We provide academic, physical, social, and spiritual competence through engaged student-centered learning.

Mission Statement:

St. Philip School is an inclusive and collaborative learning community where the light of the Gospel permeates our learning and faith. We inspire every individual to be the best they can be and celebrate their achievements. We promote vibrant growth of the Italian language and culture within the greater Italian Canadian community.

By living the Gospel values, we promote the practice of faith and inspire our students to become lifelong learners and confident witnesses of Christ. 


School Namesake: Saint Philip

Saint Philip was born in Galilee in the first century and was probably a disciple of John the Baptist. Philip obeyed the call of Jesus and asked Nathaniel, his friend, to come with him. Nathaniel asked Philip, "Can anything good come out of Nazareth?" Philip answered, "Come and see!" (John 1:43-46)

Jesus loved Philip. Philip was enthusiastic and loved people. He came to realize that God was the source of all power. He was very involved in helping Jesus.

Philip is mentioned as being present at the miracle of the loaves and fishes. He was crucified like Jesus and became a martyr.

The importance of his life is reflected in his acceptance of Jesus' call. Jesus said, "Come follow me." He was a very human person and understood that everything and everyone is a gift from God. 

During the last Supper, he stopped the Saviour and asked: "Lord show us the Father, and that will be enough for us." Jesus answered: "Philip, he who sees me sees the Father also." Philip became an important witness to the church.

We at St. Philip school try to follow Jesus, as Saint Philip, the apostle did. 

St. Philip Feast Day is celebrated on May 3rd.

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