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Our Patron Saint

St. Jerome

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St. Jerome was a priest who is best remembered for studying and translating the Bible from its original texts of Hebrew and Greek into Latin. Latin was a more widely used language at the time and the translation meant more people could read and experience the Bible. He helped many people come to a better understanding of scripture. He said, "Not to know the scriptures is not to know Christ."

St. Jerome lived in from 331 to 420 A. D. He was born in northern Italy and studied in Rome. Jerome was an expert in Greek, Latin and Hebrew. He traveled and set up communities around Bethlehem and helped Christians who were fleeing from attacks by persecutors.

In 374, Jerome had a dream that Jesus was judging him. In response, Jerome fled to the desert where he prayed and fasted. One day he heard the sounds of an animal in pain. Following the sounds, he found a lion with a thorn in its paw. As he approached the lion it remained calm. Jerome carefully took the thorn out and the lion remained faithful to him from that day on.

In pictures of Jerome, artists often include the lion as an important symbol. He is remembered for his diligent service as a scholar.

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