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Science Academy

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 St. Jerome Science Academy

Situated on the east side of Edmonton, close to Rundle Park and the river valley, the St Jerome school community has always had an interest in science and the environment.

In 1997, this interest led to being the first participating school in the Zoo School Program. Building upon the established environmental stewardship in the 1998-99 school year, St Jerome was recognized as a Green School having completed many environmental and conservational projects. One of these projects involved each and every student of the St Jerome family in planting a seedling tree in the community.

St Jerome staff seized the opportunity to join a new program in the 1999-2000. St Jerome staff members were some of the first to be involved in the 2010 project. This project hoped to increase the science proficiency of students who would be graduating in the year 2010. Teachers participated in extensive professional development, which continues to not only increase their personal confidence in various areas of science but also their contagious enthusiasm as well.

In the spring of 2003, at the urging of the parent community, St Jerome became a recognized science focus school. Uniforms were decided upon to give a visual indication of our uniqueness. In September, St Jerome signed a Partnership to enhance Science Learning for St. Jerome Students with the Odyssium, currently Telus World of Science. Through this relationship St Jerome, A Science Academy and the Telus World of Science has joined together as partners to:

  • Develop enhanced science learning opportunities for St Jerome students;
  • Create new opportunities for enhanced science learning experiences for St Jerome students through participation in activities such as science clubs, mentoring for Science Fairs and Science Olympics;
  • Provide additional opportunities for St Jerome teachers to advance their science teaching skills; and
  • Identify special opportunities for students to participate in Telus World of Science programs that would expand their science learning.

Since the establishment of this partnership, students at St Jerome have participated in Science School at the Telus World of Science.

Each spring St Jerome students, staff and parent community host Science Week, during which we host our open house and Science Fair.

Special guest judges are invited from the community to participate as science fair judges. Volunteers from the industry, academic and civic communities freely give of their valuable time to guide students in their science fair endeavors.

St Jerome staff utilizes the enquiry method of teaching and learning to guide students on their educational journey. To increase interest and facilitate exploration in the areas of biology and the environment, St Jerome is also home to many teaching animals. Amphibians, fish, and other invertebrates, and mammals are housed and cared for by students and staff. The organisms are the subject of research projects, literature and art assignments. The environment is still a very important educational asset as students are guided on weekly science walks. These walks are opportunities to apply classroom knowledge to the real world.

In May of 2006, recognizing her invaluable contribution to science education and her tireless advocacy of women in science Dr. Margaret Amour was officially declared St Jerome’s Science Mom.

In the rapidly advancing world of science and technology the students, staff and parental community continue to explore and investigate learning opportunities and experiences that will enhance St Jerome students’ science learning.

At St Jerome, A Science Academy we not only love science we live it on a daily basis. Come visit us.

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