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School Information

It is with pleasure that we take this opportunity to welcome you to St. Jerome, a Science Academy Elementary School. Our school is a vibrant place which welcomes all children. At. St. Jerome we honour all children and believe in the importance of building a strong partnership between home and school in order to allow students to grow academically, spiritually and socially.

Our unique science focus allows us to use science as a springboard in providing students with many rich learning opportunities.

St. Jerome is an inclusive school where all students are seen as equal, valued, contributing members of their school community. We believe that each of us is endowed with unique gifts in order to form the larger body we call Christ. We value the unique gifts of each child and in encouraging our students to always work towards their own personal best.  

As a Catholic community we continue on our journey towards deepening our relationship with God, a relationship rooted in faith. At St. Jerome Catholic School we pray that God’s love be forever present in our words and actions. We look forward to a new year of learning together. 

“Good, better, best – never let it rest; until your good is better, and your better is best” – St. Jerome


To inspire and nurture spiritual growth and scientific inquiry within an inclusive Catholic environment.


Providing hope, love and learning to all.


“Instead of speaking saintly words we must act them.” is the call of St. Jerome. At St. Jerome Catholic School every thought, word and action are seeds that are rooted in love and freely given.  We are each a unique and essential member of our school family who through our words and deeds scatter our seeds to create the beautiful and every growing garden of life, love and learning.


We serve the communities of Rundle Heights and Beverly Heights and students who have an interest in our science focus throughout the city of Edmonton. 

Key Features

Science Academy – Inquiry based exploration in science at all grade levels. St. Jerome students complete a variety of hands on science activities which provide them with a deeper understanding of the scientific method giving them greater opportunity for success in junior high school science programs.

Science Fair – A whole school initiative where all students are challenged to explore and test their own scientific questions from topics studied at their grade level. St. Jerome's most innovative and well prepared projects are then entered in the Edmonton Regional Science Fair. St. Jerome students have proudly represented our school and achieved a very high standing in recent years.

Living Labs – St. Jerome has many living labs to support and enhance our science inquiry. An example is our indoor and outdoor gardens, where vegetables are grown and used in our snack program through the work of our gardening club. Other living labs include aquariums where students can see and study the habits and life cycles of aquatic plants, fish, and reptiles. Students also take part in weekly science walks to explore science within and around our community. 

School Campus Wear – St. Jerome does not have a school uniform, but does have a Campus Wear policy in place. Students wear logo free, with the exception of St. Jerome logos, navy blue or white tops, and navy blue bottoms to school. These can be in any form from sweatpants to skirts, and hoodies to t-shirts. We have a number of items for sale at the school or through our online store that is open periodically throughout the year. 

Inclusive Community – St. Jerome has been celebrated for and prides itself on being an inclusive community. Students of all backgrounds and needs are welcomed and included in our classrooms. 

Full Day Programing for Kindergarten – St. Jerome offers full programing for kindergarten students. Our students are provided with double the educational experience of a typical half day kindergarten program. The program allows for deeper learning in oral language, literacy, exploration and discovery.

Free school bus – Since September of 2017, St. Jerome students will be provided with no cost yellow bus transportation. 

School Fees $10 – St. Jerome school fees are $10 for a student agenda book.

Free Breakfast and Snack Program – St. Jerome school community provides a nutritional breakfast and daily snack to all students at no cost. Students learn best with a full tummy.

Out of School Care - St. Jerome Out of School Care has been on site since 2004. Call 780 – 479 – 7796 for information. 


At St. Jerome we value…

  • and believe that every child can learn.
  • each one’s uniqueness as a treasured gift of God.
  • understanding our students as learners and knowing their strengths and weaknesses.
  • ongoing assessments that provide us with the information that allows us to make a difference.
  • our faith and living as witnesses of Jesus Christ.
  • God’s creation and living as good stewards.
  • creative, collaborate and collective work that ensures success of all.
  • our Christ Centered Professional Learning Community where we continuously learn and challenge ourselves to best practices and school improvement.
  • problem-based learning that allows students to ask questions that inspires and fosters life-long learning.
  • positive and caring relationships with students, parents, staff, and community. 
  • the diversity in cultures and families in our community.
  • Catholic Education that inspires students to reach new potentials, be lifelong learners and make a dignified and loving difference in our world.

Our Namesake

St. Jerome was a priest who is best remembered for studying and translating the Bible from its original texts of Hebrew and Greek into Latin. Latin was a more widely used language at the time and the translation meant more people could read and experience the Bible. He helped many people come to a better understanding of scripture. He said, “Not to know the scriptures is not to know Christ.” 

St. Jerome lived in from 331 to 420 A. D. He was born in northern Italy and studied in Rome. Jerome was an expert in Greek, Latin and Hebrew. He traveled and set up communities around Bethlehem and helped Christians who were fleeing from attacks by persecutors. 

In 374, Jerome had a dream that Jesus was judging him. In response, Jerome fled to the desert where he prayed and fasted. One day he heard the sounds of an animal in pain. Following the sounds, he found a lion with a thorn in its paw. As he approached the lion it remained calm. Jerome carefully took the thorn out and the lion remained faithful to him from that day on. 

In pictures of Jerome, artists often include the lion as an important symbol. He is remembered for his diligent service as a scholar.


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