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Catholic Faith

St. Vladimir Catholic School

Our Mission

Christ's teachings are the foundation for our learning and our existence.All students can learn and develop their unique gifts and talents.All students have rights, roles and responsibilities for which they are accountable.Providing opportunities for inquiry based projects, creativity and technological experiences will enhance student learning.Students who work collaboratively will benefit from each other’s ideas and develop skills that will encourage lifelong learning.A pluralistic setting will better prepare our students for their future. 

Our Vision

All St. Vladimir students will learn and work together in a Catholic faith-based setting that promotes pluralism, acceptance, accountability and responsibility. 

Our Charism

Community, Faith, Hospitality, Christ-centered, peace


Parish Information:

·          Parish Name - St. Matthew Parish, Edmonton

·          Parish Website -


Religious Education: 

All of the Schools in the Edmonton Catholic School District use a Religious Education Program that is prescribed by our Alberta Bishops and provided through the National Office for Religious Education in Ottawa. The Program ranges from Kindergarten to Grade Twelve, and offers students with an overview of our Catholic faith as well as grade specific themes.


Our School Namesake: St. Vladimir 

 Just as Saul became Paul the apostle so also Prince Vladimir (died 1015) became the zealous Christian upon his conversions.  He invited all his people to be baptized in the waters of Dnieper River in 989 A.D.

Vladimir set about on the work of building churches.  He established schools where Christian faith could be taught.  Bishops and priests went out spreading the gospel into the far reaches of Slav territory.  The rich Byzantine culture came to bring new life to the slaves.
Prince Vladimir died July 15, 1015 A.D. and the people mourned their beloved monarch.  He came to be known in the church as the "equal of the apostles".  He is referred to as a second St. Paul.  In his search for truth, he found the pearl of great price, Jesus Christ.
Saint Vladimir ranks with the greatest missionaries who have gone "to teach all nations".  We are honored to learn in a school named for such a great missionary.?
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