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Monthly Meetings

Parent Council Annual General Meeting will be held online. Please join us on Wednesday, October 7th @ 7 PM.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) of St. Martin School Council (SC) and St. Martin School Advisory Society (SAS) Wednesday, October 7th, 7:00 p.m. via video conference.

 All families are asked to join the online Annual General Meeting for our two organizations, which serve our school community as follows: St. Martin School Council Alberta Education defines School Councils as “collective associations of parents, teachers, principals, staff, students, and community representatives who seek to work together to promote the well-being and effectiveness of the entire school community and thereby to enhance student learning. A School Council provides a means to facilitate cooperation among all the concerned participants in the local school.” St. Martin School Advisory Society The objective of the Society is to raise and allocate funds for the purposes defined by the School Council. Why should you attend?

 1. To vote in the Executive Boards that represent the parents at the meetings and makes decisions on how to financially support the school.

 2. To approve our audited Financial Statement in order to maintain our Society status (this allows us to fundraise and hold a casino). 

3. To volunteer for the Executive Boards or other positions we need filled. Both of these items are critical to the functioning of our school. We need a minimum of 20 members to meet our quorum. Additionally, you will also: 

1. Learn how the SAS and SC supported the school last year.

 2. Find out how you can volunteer to assist this year

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