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School Council / Шкільна рада


School Council / School Advisory Society Executive Board

  We have elected a new Executive Board for School Council this year, and the same Executive Board will serve for the School Advisory Society.  The Board Members are listed below.  We sincerely thank last year's Board for their efforts. 

We still have a vacancy for Ways & Means (fundraising).  If you wish to serve on the Board please email us.

Your Classroom Reps serve as your voice on the Board.  You can bring up ideas or concerns to them and they will bring them to the Board, as well as answering questions you may have.  Additionally, they help collect money for group teacher gifts at Christmas and year end. In order to contact you directly via email, we require your permission to do so (the permission you gave to ECSD is not applicable).  To connect with your Classroom Rep, send us an email and your Rep will contact you.

2020 - 2021 School Council Members
Co-ChairBonnie Wengreniuk
Co-ChairKelly Fletcher
TreasurerJoshua Gnutel
SecretaryAndrea Martinuk
Ways and Meansvacant
Classroom Representatives
Kindergarten AMAndrea Macyk-Davey, Larissa Paik
Kindergarten PMStephanie Lilley
Grade 1AStephanie Lilley
Grade 1BJenna Pepper
Grade 2ALarissa Paik
Grade 2/3Yuliia M, Kyla Hadzariga
Grade 3Sandra Gordey
Grade 4Jenna Pepper
Grade 4/5Melanie Samaroden, Andrea Macyk-Davey
Grade 5Leanne Weinkauf
Grade 6Charlene Boyko, Jenna Pepper

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