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General Information

St. Martin School is a Christ Centered Professional Learning Community that provides Ukrainian Bilingual  Kindergarten to Grade Six Education to the children of South and West Edmonton. Strong leadership, exceptional programming, outstanding teachers and staff, and a sense of community  encourage the continuous growth of students.

In addition to Ukrainian bilingual, St. Martin offers a optional Ukrainian Dance Academy, Literacy program in English Language Arts and Ukrainian Language Arts, Volleyball team, Track team (Grades 4 through 6), Physical Education literacy (running, yoga, inline skating, sportball and other activities) and a wide variety of opportunities to explore the Ukrainian culture and faith. 

Our mission is Assist each child to reach his or her potential as a learner and to realize his or her self-worth as a child of God. We believe that this can best be achieved in a nurturing environment where faith, responsibility and respect for one another are valued and exercised.

In cooperation with parents/guardians, students, school staff, and the Ukrainian Catholic Community at large and the Ukrainian Eparchy, St. Martin school will strive to assist each student in:

  • Welcoming Jesus Christ as a model and the ultimate source of strength and Christian love
  • Acknowledging teachers and parents/guardians as partners in supporting and encouraging students towards personal, spiritual and academic achievement
  • Achieving their linguistic potential in the English and Ukrainian
  • Understanding, participating and valuing the Ukrainian culture.  


Ongoing communication is so important. At St. Martin we provide weekly updates through a parent week at a glance. It contains information related to school events and activities and other important information needed for the upcoming week. It is published every Friday (English) and Monday (Ukrainian) and emailed to parents by the end of day. 

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