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Our Patron Saint

Gerard Majella was born in Muro, Italy, in 1726, the youngest of five children. His father, who was a tailor, died when Gerard was a young boy. Like his father, Gerard also became a tailor and dedicated his early life to the support of his poor family.

As a young man, Gerard became a Redemptorist brother and worked as gardener, porter, and tailor, helped out in a hospital and at his community church. During this time, Gerard became known as a “wonder-worker” because so many miraculous things happened through his prayers. God seemed to have given him special gifts of sensitivity and insight and he was known to have healed many sick and suffering people. Because he helped pregnant women, he became known as the patron of mothers. His great works of charity also earned him the title of “Father of the Poor.” One of Gerard’s greatest virtues was trust, and his favourite saying was, “God will provide.”

Gerard died of tuberculosis on October 16, 1755 at the young age of twenty-nine. He kept a small note tacked to his door on which was written “The will of God is done here, as God wills it, and as long as God wills it.” Brother Gerard was canonized by Pope Pius X on December 11, 1904.

St. Gerard inspires us with his virtues of faith, trust, and love. He is a model for young people, encouraging them to be generous with their time and talent.


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