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St. Gerard follows the prescribed Program of Studies for Alberta. The Alberta curriculum and its delivery are recognized as world - wide leaders. In fact, many International Schools around the world have the adopted the Alberta curriculum because it prepares students so well for post-secondary success.

Our students are challenged to become ethical, engaged and entrepreneurial life long learners.  At St. Gerard, we have dedicated Literacy and Numeracy blocks of time whereby students become immersed in differentiated activities that teaches the children "right where they are". We offer focused and research-based supports for our English language learners and our struggling students to help them all achieve personal success.

Our Catholic faith surrounds and binds all that we do at the school.  The students learn about love and faith; mercy and hope. They learn that serving our community has many different faces.  From donating to the Food Bank, to raising money for the Cancer Society, to recycling our drink boxes, to supporting global efforts to help children across the world, St. Gerard shows its love and care for Creation as well as our hope and prayers for our local and global community.  At St. Gerard Catholic school,  we encourage our students to become leaders of tomorrow's world by being "Agents of Change" today.

We follow the Alberta Education Student Competencies of:

thumbnail_IMG_0805.jpgProblem Solving and Critical ThinkingECSD-Kindergarten-BG.jpgCommunication and Collaborationinquiry.jpgInquiry; Creativity and innovation

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