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Welcome to the 2022-23 school year!


We hope that everyone had a great summer. The students and staff are so excited to see each other. We would like to formally welcome all of our new families to the St. Dominic School family! Additionally, we would like to welcome all of our new staff members to our school.

Our Division theme for this year is “Let Your Light Shine Forth” At St. Dominic, this theme is supported by a wonderful book by author Patricia Hegarty called “Everybody’s Welcome”  Patricia’s book focuses on the gifts and talents each of us have and how we are all important.   A wonderful message that supports our ‘One World with Jesus’ yearly school theme that embraces the notion that within the St. Dominic Catholic context we are blessed to be able to be understanding and welcoming of each individuals’ unique qualities.

If you ever have a question, suggestion or a concern, please contact us at the school. It is going to be a fantastic year!

Mr. Mark Sylvestre – Principal             Ms. Vivian Coulombe – Assistant Principal


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