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We are beyond thrilled! Out of about 50,000 students from almost 1200 music classes, our “Shine” performance has been selected as a third prize winner in the Canadian Music Class Challenge! Among all of the first, second, and third prize winners, our performance was the only one to be selected from an Edmonton school and the only one selected from any elementary school in Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba!

Gabby H. and Kate O. (from 5B) expressed our feelings best in their recent Thunderbolt student newspaper article: “Everyone at St. Boniface on November 6 was filled with hope and joy for the music video. Let’s acknowledge Mr. Hagel and Mr. Charrois for their hard work and effort. They have put their heart and soul into this project since the beginning of the year, and yet their determination, perseverance, dedication, commitment, passion, and patience have not diminished or worn out. They deserve a good and healthy round of applause from everyone to be appreciated and remembered!”

Congratulations to first prize winner, J.P. Robarts Public School, London, Ont. ("River") and second prize winner, Newcastle Public School, Newcastle, Ont. ("Scars to Your Beautiful")!

Winners of the 2019 Canadian Music Class Challenge

Shout-out to Our Awesome Drummer, Griffin V. (at 25 seconds)

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