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Phil (Parent) – We chose St. Boniface because of the incredible Fine Arts programming. When I lost my wife to cancer in 2019, I realized we had also chosen a school that truly represents Catholic values. Our family was loved and supported emotionally and spiritually. My children never missed a step during the most difficult time of their lives.

Adelaine (Grade 4 Student) – St. Boniface is one of the best schools because I love art and the school is arts-focused. Another thing is that the teachers rock! They always are up for a challenge and help every student the best they can. I love how our school took our Thunder theme and used it for the Fireflies (lightning bugs) student leadership team.

Christian (Grade 2 Student) – I think St. Boniface is awesome because the teachers teach awesome stuff!

Mona and James (Parents) – WOW is the first word that comes to our minds for the gratitude and love we have for St. Boniface School! All the staff are extremely positive, knowledgeable, and vibrant with fun-filled energy that makes for inspired, happy, and ready-to-learn students. The ongoing communication and information shared with parents through Google Classroom (as well as via regular emails that include invites to student-led assemblies) makes for a unique, memorable, and welcoming school environment. The Grade 6 Exhibition gives students an opportunity to express their understanding of world issues with no judgment in a safe school environment. Students’ personalized learning plans show heartfelt caring for each child's specific learning needs. The creative/nurturing/helpful/caring staff members make each student’s day, from genuine smiles in the hallway to all the clubs they offer (choir, running, Numero, drama, and the Thunderbolt student newspaper). We are HUGE fans of St. Boniface! We are beyond thankful for ALL you do as a school!

Henry (Grade 3 Student) – I am a Grade 3 student and I like everything about St. Boniface. I have fun at school because the teachers are fun to be around. I like the Chromebook technology that we can use because we can become better inquirers and I learn lots through IB learning. St. Boniface is the BEST!

Rita (Parent) – The distinctive quality of St. Boniface exists within the hearts of a dedicated staff who create a harmonious learning environment by bridging together the uniqueness of each child and family. This is how a sense of community melodically fills the hallways, as teachers, parents, and children come to greet each other.

Ernesto (Grade 4 Student) – I like St. Boniface because of the Numero Club – we get to hang out with our friends and we play with kids from other schools at the Numero Challenge. Overall, it is a lot of fun!

Juliana (Grade 2 Student) – These are the reasons why I like St. Boniface: I get to be part of the Fireflies leadership team that helps the school be a better place to learn. I get to make new friends and have fun learning!

Guido (Grade 1 Student) – I like St. Boniface because we learn art. We get to paint and colour and hang out with our friends.

Julie (Parent) – St. Boniface helps the students gain self-confidence and keeps them excited about learning. The IB programming and the arts-infused curriculum make regular lessons more interactive and exciting. My girls are always talking about the exciting activities planned by their teachers. There is a lot of academic support for both high achievers and students who struggle. Overall, the sense of community in this school is what makes it exceptional. My girls went from being the new kids in the school to feeling like part of the family very quickly. We are so glad we found this special place!

Annie (Grade 5 Student) – What is great about this school is that St. Boniface lets the students choose and plan some of the school events. I like how they teach leadership to the students by letting them take charge of these events. What I also love about St. Boniface is the staff members are so nice. They are really friendly and willing to help students.

Elena (Grade 1 Student) – I like how St. Boniface does so many activities. I like gym and music the best. This school is amazing! I really like the Christmas Carnival. My teacher is amazing because she gives us jobs of the day. She makes learning really fun and exciting. I liked our 100th day party because we learned how to count by 2s, 5s, and 10s while eating cool snacks and playing games. I also really like the learning commons because it has beautiful trees and monkeys and makes me feel happy.

Kelly (Parent) – We don’t live in the community surrounding St. Boniface but have chosen to drive our kids to this school for the past 12 years. The sense of community among parents and staff is like no other school! We have had artists in residence, student teachers, new teachers, and new administrators comment on the beautiful, supportive, inclusive, and caring community within the school. We value the unique combination of the Fine Arts focus and the IB Primary Years Programme. This is the only Edmonton Catholic school that offers such inspired programming.

Hudson (Grade 5 Student) – St. Boniface is a great learning campus. All the teachers are really supportive when you have trouble understanding what you are doing. If you are new to the school and you don’t have any friends, it is easy to make friends because everyone is really nice and respectful to you.

Adina (Grade 4 Student) – Why is St. Boniface awesome? I love St. Boniface because there's drama and dance. In most other schools, there's not that stuff. I really like it because I had never done anything like a play, so it's different to me and it's built a part in me for drama and plays. I also like how they made Thunderstruck Fine Arts flex sessions during my first year at St. Boniface. I also love the ukuleles because the teachers tried to get a different musical instrument instead of recorders and other schools probably don’t have that.

Aaron (Grade 6 Student) – St. Boniface is amazing because we do a lot of things and still have time to play. The teachers are nice and fun, and there are different places in the school to work, like the learning commons. We get support when we need it and we can hang out with our friends. We sometimes read books as a group and then, at the end, we watch the movie.

Anita (Parent) – I could not imagine a better school for my daughter to be in! I love the IB and Fine Arts components of the curriculum, because it makes learning interesting for her and teaches her important life skills. I also love the sense of family and community within the school. It's great how we all get to know each other and how we are a support system for one another.

Avery (Grade 2 Student) – St. Boniface is a great school because we do a lot of IB learning. I love my teachers and my classmates. I like how much I learn at St. Boniface!

Rona and Cody (Parents) – When we moved and were looking for a new school, we felt we had won the lottery when we found out about St. Boniface! The Fine Arts and IB programming combination was exactly what we had been looking for. The dedicated art studio and dance studio blew us away! When so many schools are facing cuts to Fine Arts, St. Boniface excels at infusing Fine Arts through everyday learning. Elementary IB programming is so helpful in creating caring, well-rounded, open-minded kids who realize there is a world beyond their immediate bubble. We love the staff at the school, who we have found to be friendly and genuinely welcoming. There’s a real sense of community at the school, with so many staff members knowing our entire family and making a point to give us a warm smile and a hello whenever we see them.

Parker (Grade 3 Student) – I love that St. Boniface has a dance studio, because it’s really fun to do dance and drama in it. I also appreciate it because not many other schools have a dance studio.

Logan (Kindergarten Student) – I love the learning commons at St. Boniface because it has lots of books and it is so cozy. I really like reading with our Grade 6 buddies.

Paula (Parent) – The Fine Arts focus has given our kids opportunities to try things that they might not know they even wanted to try and, because of that, they get to find pieces of themselves they didn’t know existed. I’ve always felt like a child needs to be liked by their teacher to succeed. When you walk down the hallway, you can feel how much these teachers love our kids and love their jobs.

Tommy (Grade 5 Student) – I like the teachers! They want us to do a good job on our work and be interested in the work we do.

Teri (Parent) – I love that I am welcome in the school at any time. I feel I am a huge part of my children’s learning, whether it be volunteering in the classroom, around the school, field trips, etc.

Tye (Grade 6 Student) – I love being part of the St. Boniface Thunder volleyball team. The sports teams and clubs are awesome to have at school!

MacLayne (Grade 4 Student) – Being in Numero Club is a great way to learn math and play with friends and teach new people.

Will (Grade 1 Student) – I love being in God Club because there are fun activities and we learn more about God. I have also made some new friends.

Bobbi and Geoff (Parents) – We were students ourselves at St. Boniface and our children have followed the same path. St. Boniface has embraced our children with open arms, providing opportunities for a wide range of learning opportunities, as well as assisting in the development of the whole child – mind, body, and spirit. We are very thankful for the welcoming and caring environment that St. Boniface has provided for our children. P.S. No other school has the Thunder Moms!

Robbie (Grade 5 Student) – I love this school because there is only kindness. This school is awesome because of how spectacular the staff are and how willing they are to help you with anything. I come to this school because there is so much entertainment, including Numero Club, our St. Boniface Thunder volleyball teams, the Fireflies student leaders, and many other things. Please come to this wonderful school!

Johanna and Mark (Parents) – From the very first day of Kindergarten, St. Boniface has extended a warm, welcoming environment to our family. The sense of inclusivity and community spirit is awesome! It has been amazing to watch our child learn and grow in an environment that encourages curiosity and compassion. We are so thankful for the guidance and support he receives every single day at St. Boniface. Staff members are genuinely engaged in the well-being and development of all students. We are kept well-informed about what is happening at the school – in the classroom and with our child specifically.

Reuben (Grade 1 Student) – The teachers care about me and make learning fun. The big kids are really friendly and include you in things. I get to be a Firefly student leader. We organize our classes to do fun things and help people who aren’t as lucky as we are.

Glenda (Parent) – The staff at St. Boniface have created an amazing school environment that feels like family to me. It is very apparent that they care a great deal about the kids and one another. This environment has fostered a feeling of connection between the kids – not only in their classes, but across the different grades. St. Boniface empowers kids as leaders right from the beginning – running the ThunderVision morning broadcasts; leading whole-school assemblies and liturgies; serving as Fireflies student leaders; and contributing to the Thunderbolt student newspaper. Everything from the IB programming to the Fine Arts focus has benefited our kids in so many ways. I am also blown away by the work and care that the teachers have put into providing remote learning during this recent time. The kids love it and it has allowed them to feel connected and to continue learning. We are extremely grateful for all that the St. Boniface staff have done for our children!

Sophia (Grade 5 Student) – I love how kind the teachers are. Every time I think about my school, it puts a smile on my face. I love the drama and art and so many other things. Overall, I love this school!

Heidi (Parent) – I have two children who go to St. Boniface School and we are delighted to be part of their inclusive community! At morning drop-off, the teachers welcome children and their families with smiles, which represents the ongoing happy vibe and positive learning environment at the school. The IB Primary Years Programme has helped my children to understand how their actions affect themselves and the world around them. These principles not only affect the children during school hours but also at home and during social interactions within the community, as they become more open-minded and empathetic citizens.

June (Grandparent) – I have two grandchildren at St. Boniface. When I volunteer at the school or come to pick up my grandchildren, I always feel loved and welcomed and very much a part of the St. Boniface community. It is not only a place of learning but also a place with a very strong sense of community among staff, students, and family members.

Abbey (Grade 6 Student) and Kim (Parent) – St. Boniface School has always maintained a very close-knit family atmosphere among the staff, parents, and students. St. Boniface offers diverse of clubs and extracurricular activities, while providing a supportive above-and-beyond educational experience for students.

Shea (Grade 3 Student) – St. Boniface is amazing because there are kids from all around the world who come here and teach us about their culture. I love doing acting, drawing, singing, and dancing as part of our IB learning.

Tegan (Kindergarten Student) – The kids in all grades play together and work together. I love having a Grade 6 buddy to read with me!

Lori (Parent) – Doesn’t get any better than St. Boniface! This school is truly one of a kind! As soon as you enter the halls, the atmosphere is one of warmth and welcoming. The staff members are all amazing and value the importance of making connections with their students and families.

Jody (Parent) – I love how there are positive interactions between kids in different grades during recess, extra-curricular activities, and instructional time.

Tessa (Grade 6 Student) – It’s a small school, so teachers can give every kid the attention they deserve.

Griffin (Grade 4 Student) – The teachers are fun and creative and are always thinking of new ways to surprise us.

Julia (Parent) – St. Boniface has an awesome team of administrators and teaching staff who are full of positive energy and great ideas! Learning is made to be an adventure that keeps the kids interested and engaged.

Cormac (Grade 4 Student) – The teachers are kind and always listen to what the students have to say. The students have bright minds and are friendly towards others – new friends or old friends.

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