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Grade Three

Mrs. McIsaac's Class

Hello St. Bernadette families! 

My name is Mrs. Shettell (Ms. McIsaac) and I am the Grade 3 teacher this year. This is my tenth year of teaching and my sixth year teaching at St. Bernadette.  My background is in Early Learning and I have been teaching Grade 1 for the past three years so I am so excited to try something new! When I am not teaching, I love to walk my dog Boo, read, paint and spend time with my family! My main goals are for my students to feel successful and love learning! I am already having so much fun in our new classroom and I am so excited to spend this year exploring and learning with the Grade 3’s. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s learning, please contact me at

Please find all relevant classroom material  on our Google Classroom! (Click the + button, select 'Join Class' and use the classroom code Mrs. Presley provided to you.  If you continue to have trouble, please email us!)

download.jfifClick Here For Our Parents Guide to Google Classroom 


Click Here For Our Parents Guide to PowerSchool


Click Here For Our Parents Guide to Office 365

Google Classroom

We use Google Classroom every day in Grade 3 to support student learning. This online tool is a great way to create engaging and interactive activities for students to get excited about their learning. It is our home base for students to access daily work, explore websites, and expand their technology skills. Some online tools we use include: Google Drawing, Google Slides, Choice Boards, Online Libraries, Flip Grid and many more!

 Teachers Flip Over Flipgrid Google Drawings


Create Informative Presentations with Google Slides 7 Choice Board Examples for Remote Learning | Kodable Blog

Grade 3 Curriculum Overview

Learn Alberta explains in detail what units we will be learning in each subject in Grade 3. Please click HERE to access the website. 

A few of the fun projects we do in Grade 3 include: 

  1. Imagination Project– students create their own nation after learning about other countries in social studies
  2. Creating a musical instrument – students create their own instruments after learning about hearing and sound in science
  3. Egg Drop Challenge – students are challenged to design and create a structure to support an egg from a fall of over 6ft using their knowledge of structures in science
  4. Poetry booklet – students use google slides to write a variety of poems with pictures which is then printed and becomes their very own book of poems
  5. 3D Angry Birds Shape Adventure – students use their knowledge of 3D shapes in math to get the character Red through his journey on google slides 

 Home Reading

 Home Reading is an important component of our Language Arts program as it helps each and every child to become a better reader. Home reading is considered our homework in Grade 3 and students should be reading for 25 minutes each day. 

 Some helpful tips to make reading a success at home 

1. Set a consistent time to read every day. 

2. Pick a “Just Right” book. - It should be interesting or appealing. - 5 Finger Rule - Book at their independent reading level, either 1 level above or below. 

3. Try reading books together as a family aloud. 

4. Explore a variety of books. Picture books, chapter books, magazines, and online reading programs are encouraged. Help your child find out what interests them, this will engage them in their reading. 

5. Children love to hear adults read aloud. This is an opportunity to model fluency and expression.

How can we help them gain comprehension

Ask your child the following questions:

- Who did you just read about?

- What just happened?

- Was your brain talking to you while you read?

- Do you understand what was read?

- What do you do if you don’t remember?

Supplementary Websites 

Raz Kids




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