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Grade One


Please find all relevant classroom material on our Google Classroom! (Click the + button, select 'Join Class' and use the classroom code Mrs. Nahayowski provided to you.  If you continue to have trouble, please email us!)

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Ideas to support and continue your child's education while at home:

  • Read, read, read!  Students not only enjoy the adventures found in fiction, but also learning about the wonderful world God created found in non-fiction books.   Encourage your child to read books about animals, other places, space, history, famous people... the topics are truly endless!
  • Read to your child - this is how students learn about intonation, speed of reading, fluency, attention to punctuation, and the love of reading itself! 
  • Ask your child questions about what was read
  • -What was your favorite part of the story and why?
  • -What is your favorite illustration or picture and what does it show?
  • -Pick 2 characters and compare how they are alike and different
  • -What is the setting of the book?
  • -What happened at the end of the story?
  • -Did you learn any lessons from the story?  Is it trying to teach you anything?
  • 10 Benefits of Reading: Why You Should Read Every Day

Math & Science Resources

 Mystery Science Website

Math Riddles

Building Unit:

Our Grade 1 classroom was transformed into the brand-new community of Grade One-ville! Our community was built along the river, just like in Edmonton.  We learned that all communities originate near water because people need a water source and rivers used to be used for transportation.  Our river even has brightly colored fish! 

 Our downtown core has tall skyscrapers and office buildings surrounded by essential services like a fire station, hospital, post office, barber shop, rec center, and library.  Our police station is right next to the bank to keep all of our money safe.  We even have a Walmart and Starbucks!

 Each student built their own home which is in the suburban area with the church and, of course, St. Bernadette School (complete with a playground)!  

 Our industrial area was built across the river because we didn't want the water treatment plant, factory, nor airport to be near our homes.  Our zoo and ski hill take up lots of room, so we built them on the other side of the river, too.  No community would be complete without the parliament building, Roger's Place, movie theater, WEM and a giant Toys R Us.  Our swimming pool even has a double decker diving board - so fancy! 

 The rural area of our community has a barn and silo with growing crops and farm animals.  Naturally, we put a fence around the farm area to keep our animals safe.  

 Our community has not only roads and a bridge to cross the river, but also train tracks to help the citizens get around.  Speaking of citizens, each student created a mini version of themselves with actual photos for the faces - so fun!  






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