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The Science program emphasis is on three areas: Nature of Science, Science and Technology and Science, Technology and Society. It is a hands-on course with many opportunities for the students to use the scientific method to carry out lab experiments, develop their research skills and use data to interpret and infer.

In the Grade Seven program, we have combined some small projects to help with the understanding of science concepts. The students have the opportunity to create and construct a working solar oven, build and test the strength of a pasta bridge and design and launch a pop bottle rocket.

We as a Science staff work together to create similar evaluation tools such as common chapter exams and a common final. We also collaborate on project evaluations.

Grade 7       Grade 7 Course Outline

  • Interactions and Ecosystems
  • Plants for Food and Fiber
  • Heat and Temperature
  • Structures and Forces
  • Planet Earth

Grade 8         Grade 8 Course Outline

  • Mix and Matter of Flow
  • Cells and Systems
  • Light and Optical Systems
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Fresh and Saltwater Systems

Grade 9        Grade 9 Course Outline

  • Biological Diversity
  • Matter and Chemical Change
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Space Exploration
  • Electrical Principles and Technologies
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