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Students are encouraged to learn through deductive reasoning and through application of logical thinking. While basic mathematical concepts are explained, examples serve to show students the processes required to apply these concepts.

Students are involved in discovering ways to solve mathematical problems, and in synthesizing their discoveries into usable formulas. Students are encouraged at all times to share their ideas with the class and to search for new ways which are mathematically viable to solve situations. Calculators are used as tools once basic concepts have been mastered. Estimation skill are stressed as a way of checking on the calculator. Manipulative and three-dimensional models are used to connect mathematics to the concrete world in which we live. Whenever possible "real life" examples using mathematics are given. While certain processes do require memorization, students learn the reason why they are doing what they are doing.

Grade 7 Topics:  Grade 7 Course Outline

  1. Number Connections
  2. Fractions, Decimals, and Integers
  3. Number Operations
  4. Operations with Integers
  5. Percent
  6. Ratio and Rate
  7. Patterns
  8. Variables and Equations
  9. Measurement
  10. Transformations
  11. Statistics
  12. Chance and Uncertainty

Grade 8 Topics:  Grade 8 Course Outline

  1. Number Connections
  2. Operations with Rational Numbers
  3. Ratio and Rate
  4. Percent
  5. Patterns and Relations
  6. Solving Equations
  7. Measurement
  8. Surface Area and Volume
  9. Geometry
  10. Statistics and Probability

Grade 9 Topics:  Grade 9 Course Outline

  1. Numbers
  2. Patterns and Equations
  3. Using Equations to Solve Problems
  4. Polynomials
  5. Special Products and Factoring
  6. Measurement
  7. Shape and Space
  8. Transformations
  9. Data Analysis and Probability

Math Contest

The students at H.E. Beriault have the opportunity to participate once of two math contest that usually take place in May. The Math Gauss Contest is open to students in grade 7 & 8 the Grade 9 Math Contest is open to grade 9 students who wish to further test their skills in math.
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