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Fine Arts: Music

Music Program


"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything" - Plato

At H.E. Beriault Junior High, music is taught both as an option during the timetable as well as through extracurricular clubs. Band is a full year option for Grades 7, 8 and 9 students. Music is one of the most popular options at our school with over 140 students involved in our program.

Instrumental Music Program

Band is taught at H.E. Beriault starting in Grade 7 and continues through Grade 8 and Grade 9. Students involved in this hands-on, activity-focused class have the opportunity to experience music through playing modern band instruments. Our band program includes over 14 different types of instruments from the woodwind, brass and percussion families.

Past Musical Events and Fieldtrips:

  • ECSD Band Share Day at the Winspear Centre
  • Grade 7 Jump Start Clinics at St. Oscar Romero High School
  • School Concerts for Feeder Elementary Schools
  • Alberta College Band Clinics
  • Winter and Spring Band Concerts
  • St. Oscar Romero Band Share Day
  • Open House Concert
  • School Celebrations for Advent, Christmas, Easter
  • Archbishop MacDonald Dinner and Dance
  • Band Camp at Camp Nakamun

Extracurricular Music

Glee Club:

Glee club is our choir at school that sings at a variety of places. Students have had the opportunity to sing at events such as school celebrations, the ECSD Celebration of the Arts at the Jubilee, and an Oil Kings Game. All abilities and voices are welcome to come sing with us!

HEB X Band:

This honour band meets once a week to perform music of a high degree of complexity. It is a perfect opportunity for students to expand their knowledge of their instruments and play a wide variety of music. Performances have included being the featured guests at the Archbishop MacDonald Dinner and Dance.

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