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Students will learn about safe work areas and environmental practices as well as safe and ethical work habits throughout the program. The students will learn to use a variety of power tools (hand held, bench top and floor model) and hand tools which will facilitate their learning. Students will also learn to work as an effective team member.

Construction Technologies

CON1070:Building Construction

This is an established module for students at all grade levels. Students build a scale model micro-cabin (1 1/2" to the 1"0" scale). Students will "stick frame" their model with the use of templates to guide them. The complexity of the model increases slightly with each year of the program.

CON1130: Solid Stock Construction

This is an established module for grade 8 students. They design, build and race CO2 cars using a solid stock of basswood. They use the band saw, scroll saw, drill press and sanders to produce their cars.

CON1140: Turning Operations

This is also an established module for grade 9 students. They design and turn wood bowls and candlestick holders using a midi-lathe. In addition, they will need to use the band saw and drill press to produce their creations.

CON2140:Furniture Making (Frame Only)

This is the module for grade 8 & 9 students. Students use solid materials to build rustic furniture from found materials (ie: driftwood, pruning from a variety of tree species, etc. ) using a tenon and mortise joinery. Grade 8 students fabricate a simple stool or side table and grade 9 students construct a chair. Tools include and electric hand drill with tenon cutters and brad point bits fro the mortises, drill press, hand saw and clamps.
An alternative to rustic furniture in this module is pocket hole furniture construction new in 2006-2007. Students will use either laminated pine or hardwood materials to build a step stool, a small basic table with shelf and/or drawer using pocket hole joinery. Tools include the Kreg Hole jig, a hand held electric drill, 14" band saw and 10"mitre saw. The construction process includes a build up finish of Danish oil and wax.

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