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General Information

 School Information

It is with great pleasure that we take this opportunity to welcome you to École/Escuela Father Leo Green Catholic Elementary School where we offer French Immersion and Spanish Bilingual programming for students from Kindergarten to Grade 6.

This website has been developed by our faculty and administration to help you and your parents/guardians learn as much as possible about school policies and procedures and the services we offer students. It is intended as a quick reference guide that we hope you find extremely useful as questions arise throughout the school year.

Whether you are joining us for the first time or have been with us for a number of years we encourage you to become an active member of École/Escuela Father Leo Green School. In addition to an excellent academic foundation, we assure an environment rich with opportunities to grow in our Catholic faith. Our belief is that the job of educating children can only be accomplished by continued co-operation between home, school and parish within the framework of mutual respect and participation.

As parents, you have entrusted the staff at École/Escuela Father Leo Green School with a precious gift – your child. As a staff we are committed to their education, social, emotional and spiritual well-being. “Together for Children” is a goal we set for our partnership. God bless!

Mission Statement

École/Escuela Father Leo Green is a Christ centered learning community that provides a Catholic learning environment celebrating the French and Spanish languages and their cultures. Guided by the teachings of Christ, the staff and students strive for high academic standards where all members are encouraged to develop 21st century learning skills and opportunities in order to become adaptable, global citizens who aspire to a life of faith-filled service to others.

Our Motto

We Learn In The Light Of Christ
Aprendimos en la luz de Cristo
 La lumière du Christ dirige notre apprentissage



Inspired By

Love of the Creator, faith in Jesus Christ, and hope from the Holy Spirit.

Our Mission

Is to provide a Catholic education which inspires and prepares students to learn, to work, to live fully, and to serve God in one another.

Mandated By

The parents and guardians of our students, the educational mission of the Church, and the Alberta Ministry of Learning.

We Believe

  • That each person is created in the image and likeness of God.
  • In the goodness, dignity, and worth of each person.
  • That all can learn and develop their gift.
  • That Catholic education includes spiritual growth and fulfillment.
  • That Catholic education is a shared responsibility in which parents have a primary role.
  • That Christ is our model and our teacher.
  • In building Christ-centered communities for service to one another.
  • In celebrating and witnessing to our faith in truth and life; holiness and grace; justice, love, and peace.
  • That learning is a life-long journey.
  • That all have rights, roles and responsibilities for which they are accountable.
  • In making the world a better place in which to live.

School Vision

We, at École / Escuela Father Leo Green School believe:

  • In living our Catholic teachings of love, hope and forgiveness.
  • That with Christ as our guide, we celebrate that we are all gifted, unique and valued.


Our French Immersion/Spanish Bilingual school serves the areas that are: North to the city limits, south to Fort Road, east to the river, and west to 82nd Street. In addition, for students in the Spanish Bilingual program the area also encompasses the neighborhoods north of 153 Ave as far west as 142 Street. For more details regarding the area we serve please contact the school.

Key Features

  • French Immersion school. This program is designed specifically for children whose first language is not French. Your child has the opportunity to become functionally bilingual in Canada's other official language.
  • L'Immersion Francaise-video
  • Spanish Bilingual Program. This program allows students to learn Spanish. No prior knowledge of Spanish is necessary.
  • Entry at Kindergarten and Grade 1
  • Strong academic focus
  • Quality education in Catholic faith, beliefs, and traditions
  • Safe and caring environment
  • Smart Board Integration
  • Transportation available
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