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French Immersion Maternelle (K) - Grade 6


French Immersion  Maternelle (K) - Grade 6


“French immersion is a proven successful Canadian approach to second language learning … No educational program has been so intensively researched and evaluated in Canada as has French immersion. The effects of the program on the acquisition of French-language as well as English-language skills, and the academic achievement of French immersion students, have been well documented and research shows that the program works.”
“French Immersion Today.” CEA Information Note (August 1992)

  • Balanced Literacy  (French, Spanish and English)
  • Collaboration with other French Immersion schools
  • Excellent music program
  • Wireless Internet
  • Smart Board and Technology Integration
  • 60 Ipads to enhance student learning
  • 1 to 1 Chromebooks in grades 4-6
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