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School Supply Lists

                                                    2022-2023 School Supply Lists 

This year there are 2 options to purchase School Supplies as described below:

  1. School Supplies can be purchased and delivered directly to your home. Our School Council has expressed an interest in providing families with an option to purchase school supplies that can be delivered to your home. SchoolStart will provide this option. Here is how to access the School Start Option:
    • Parents go directly to:
    • You can then click on the following:
    • Parents Shop Here
    • Purchase School Supply Kits
    • Select Province, then City, then School
    • Click Here to Purchase Your School Kits
    • Lastly, they click on their grade
  2. Some of our families like shopping for supply lists with their children at a store of their choice. Please click on your child's grade and language program in the list below: 

When purchasing school supplies, you are not obligated to purchase brand names. We do, however, ask that you purchase the colours of the duo-tangs indicated by the teachers for organizational reasons.

French Immersion School Supply Lists 2022-2023Spanish Bilingual School Supply Lists 2022-2023
Grade 0 Kindergarten Supply List 2022-2023 Grade 0 Kindergarten Supply List 2022-2023
Grade 1 French Supply List 2022-2023Grade 1 Spanish Supply List 2022-2023
Grade 2 French Supply List 2022-2023Grade 2 Spanish Supply List 2022-2023
Grade 3 French Supply List 2022-2023Grade 3 Spanish Supply List 2022-2023
Grade 4 French Supply List 2022-2023Grade 4 Spanish Supply List 2022-2023
Grade 5 French Supply List 2022-2023Grade 5 Spanish Supply List 2022-2023
Grade 6 French Supply list 2022-2023Grade 6 Spanish Supply list 2022-2023


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